The Possible Consequences of a DUI Conviction

Those who are convicted of driving under the influence can face a variety of different legal actions. Many may lose their license for up to a year or more. They may also have to pay a fine of up to $5,000 or more in addition to legal fees, court costs and fees related to getting their car and license back. An ignition interlock device, or device that’s used to test the driver’s sobriety before starting the vehicle, may be required depending on state law and other facts in your case. You may even be responsible for paying to have the device installed and rental fees.

Personal Consequences 

  • Financial Strain: Court and legal fees, while necessary when fighting a DUI charge, can be very costly. This cause a strain on relationships and even disrupt your ability to maintain the same the level of social and communal engagement.
  • Educational Repercussions: Institutions of higher learning may not accept or revoke acceptance into the university if you’re even charged with a DUI. While this may not permanently prevent someone from getting a degree, it could complicate matters for those who were under the age of 21 when they were convicted.
  • Stripped Accolades: Those who are going to school to play sports may find that they are no longer a part of a team. Therefore, it could hamper both their chances of getting a scholarship and their chances of playing professionally at some point. This may be especially true of someone who may have a high profile entering college.

Professional Consequences:

  • Ability to get to work may be hindered: If you are unable to drive, it may be difficult to get to work on time. While an employer may be somewhat sympathetic to your situation, no employer is going to keep someone who cannot reliably arrive at work on time.
  • Immediate Termination: It’s possible that your employer will terminate you immediately upon your conviction or as soon as you are charged with DUI. In this happens to you, there may be little recourse except to start looking for other employment as charges like these are commonly outlined in many employee guidelines as grounds for termination.
  • Ability to find new employment may be hindered: Finding a new job or moving up in your career may be difficult because you will have to disclose the conviction on most applications. This is generally true whether you want to work in the private sector, for the government or for a public or private college or university.

Legal Recourse

If you are convicted on a DUI charge, your life could change significantly. A DUI lawyer Peoria IL relies on may be able to reduce your charge as well as fines. Most criminal attorneys offer a free case review. If you have been charged with a DUI it may benefit you to seek legal counsel.

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