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Birth Injury Lawyer Salt Lake City, UT

While the birth of a baby should be one of the most joyous days in a parent’s life, there are some births that leave parents with fear and anxiety because their infant has suffered a serious birth injury. One of the most common of those injuries is brachial plexus. Although it is one of the most common, it can still have long-lasting and permanent impacts on the child’s life. If the baby’s injury was a result of the doctor or other Utah medical professional’s failure to provide mother and baby with the medical standard of care they deserved and the baby suffered a brachial plexus injury, the parents may be entitled to financial compensation for the damages they and their child have suffered. A birth injury lawyer in Salt Lake City UT can help.

What causes brachial plexus injury?

The brachial plexus nerves are what connect the baby’s shoulders, arms, and hands to the spinal cord. If these nerves are damaged, the baby’s ability to control their arm and hand movements are affected. One common cause of brachial plexus injuries is shoulder dystocia during the baby’s delivery. This is when the baby’s shoulders become stuck in the birth canal, which puts intense pressure on the infant’s shoulder and neck area. The brachial nerves can become stretched – even torn. When a doctor uses vacuum extractors and forceps to remove the baby, this increases the risk of brachial plexus injury.

How can this injury affect a baby?

How much the baby will be affected by the brachial plexus injury depends on where the injury is located and how severe the damage to the nerves is. If the nerves have only been stretched slightly, the injury and symptoms that go along with it may be short-term. If the nerves have been torn away for the spinal cord or severed, the severity of the injury may be life-long and can even include paralysis.

How does Erb’s Palsy affect a brachial plexus injury?

Another cause of brachial plexus injury is Erb’s Palsy. The most common cause of Erb’s palsy is excessive pulling or stretching of an infant’s head and shoulders during a vaginal birth. If a baby is suffering from Erb’s Palsy, they may have loss of feeling, weakness, and partial or total paralysis of the arms and shoulders. One arm may be noticeably smaller during their childhood. One of the most common treatments for brachial plexus injuries is physical therapy, however, some victims need surgery, including nerve grafts or nerve transfer procedures.

What type of damages can parents collect in a birth injury lawsuit for this injury?

A successful birth injury lawsuit for brachial plexus can result in financial compensation for the child’s past, present, and future medical expenses for doctor’s visits, physical therapy, surgery, medical devices, and more. If the mother was injured during the birth, they may pursue financial compensation for the losses that injury caused, including medical expenses, lost wages, emotional distress, pain and suffering, and more.

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