Domestic Violence Lawyer Salt Lake City UT

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Domestic Violence Lawyer Salt Lake City UT

If you have been victimized by domestic violence, then you deserve to have one of the most reputable domestic violence lawyers Salt Lake City UT has to offer to represent you and ensure that your abuser is put behind bars. Whether you are confused about which steps to take, whether you want a protective order, where you can go, or what your legal protections are, Ramussen and Miner is here to assist you. We take domestic violence cases seriously, and we will work compassionately on your behalf.

How Can Life After Domestic Violence Affect You?

After you have escaped your abusive relationship, there may be moments where you want to return to your abuser or still feel in love with your abuser. After some time apart, you may begin thinking that you were “being too sensitive” or “taking things the wrong way.” You might even regret pressing charges against your attacker, especially if her or his family maligns you for standing up for yourself. If you feel this way, you should strongly consider rethinking making any contact with your abuser because this can hurt your case or protective order. It takes time to heal, and it is harder to heal without committing to a therapist. 

How Can Domestic Violence Affect Your Parental Rights?

If you are being victimized by domestic violence presently, the state of Utah may see fit to temporarily take your children from you. Because you are a parent, you are obligated to protect your child with basic necessities, including safety (from emotional, physical, and sexual abuse), food, and shelter. Unfortunately, in some relationships where domestic violence occurs, the abusive parent may strip the children, as well as the abused parent, of these necessities. For example, an abusive husband may frequently force you and your children outside of the home and onto the streets as a form of punishment. Or, to hurt you, the abusive husband may force your children onto the streets during a cold, rainy night and prevent you from intervening (or you might be too afraid to intervene).

Here, although you and your children are both victims of abuse, you cannot expect the state to look at you leniently because, at least in the eyes of the law, children are more vulnerable than adults and less able to flee from an abusive adult than what you are as a fellow adult. In short, victimization from domestic abuse can result in you losing custody. Your parental rights may be terminated if your children were severely or terminally injured and you did not contact the authorities or try to render aid.

If you have or are victimizing someone by means of threat, force, or abuse then:

  • Your visitation rights might be denied
  • Your visitation must be supervised
  • You are denied joint custody
  • You are denied physical custody
  • Your parental rights are terminated

Now that you are aware of what all is at stake, speak with the most trustworthy domestic violence lawyer Salt Lake City UT has to offer, the lawyers at Rasmussen & Miner.