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DUI Lawyer in Salt Lake City, UT

DUI lawyer Salt Lake City UT

A DUI is more than just an expensive ticket (and potential jail time). A DUI can ruin your life – unless you get help from a qualified DUI lawyer in Salt Lake City UT, of course. Rather than letting a DUI haunt you for the next several years, get in touch with Rasmussen & Miner to see how we can help you fight your case, and take steps to protect your future.

Knowledge is half the battle. Deciding to lawyer up is only the beginning. If you want to fight your DUI charges, you need to know all you can about your case, and you need to communicate everything to your lawyer. Read on to learn more about some important factors in a DUI case, and see how Rasmussen & Miner can help you.

Were the Cops Allowed to Pull Me Over?

It’s common for drivers to insist that they were pulled over for absolutely no reason. Whether the police had probable cause or not depends on the circumstances surrounding your traffic stop. Probable cause means the officer that pulled you over had reason to suspect there was a crime taking place – it’s the same rule that allows them to enter a residence when they hear someone screaming for help.

When it comes to DUIs, a police officer may report that you were swerving in between lanes, which gave them reason to suspect that you were driving under the influence (the crime in question). In other DUI cases, a police officer may pull you over for a traffic violation before noticing the smell of alcohol. Understanding probable cause can help you determine whether the cops had reason to pull you over in the first place – and if you and your lawyer can prove that the reasons they provided weren’t present when they pulled you over, you may have a strong argument against your DUI.

What Does Aggravated DUI Mean?

A DUI is a pain, and being charged with an aggravated DUI can only make things worse. An aggravated DUI is essentially a DUI combined with another crime or accident. This can include speeding or reckless driving, or causing a traffic collision because you were under the influence. In fact, even having a minor in the car can lead to aggravated DUI charges – it counts as child endangerment, and the law doesn’t split hairs about the context.

An aggravated DUI conviction means heftier punishments. A DUI can result in a sizeable fee and possible jail time, but an aggravated DUI means even more money owed and even longer time spent in jail. You could also end up with an ignition interlock device, and a longer duration without your license. An aggravated DUI makes an already bad situation much worse, so it’s important to get in touch with a lawyer as soon as possible.

How Can a Lawyer Help Me?

It’s difficult to fight a DUI charge by yourself. It takes a lot of time and preparation to study the specifics of your traffic stop, and it takes plenty of legal knowledge to determine if the police followed all the right steps when they pulled you over and made their arrest. Fortunately, if you reach out to a DUI lawyer in Salt Lake City, UT, you get a dedicated legal advisor who does the legwork for you.

Don’t leave your DUI charge up to chance. Reach out to Rasmussen & Miner to get started today.