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DWI Lawyer Salt Lake City UT

DWI lawyer Salt Lake City, UTWhen you are facing drunken driving charges, it may be a smart idea to get advice from a DUI / DWI lawyer Salt Lake City UT trusts. Rasmussen & Miner has been helping clients overcome the serious consequences of a DWI for over two decades. Guided by our experience and dedication, we know what needs to be done to get the results our clients seek. For a complimentary consultation with a Salt Lake City DWI lawyer, call our firm today.

I believe I am innocent, or should plead ‘not guilty’; what can you tell me about that?

If you choose to plead ‘not guilty, a DUI / DWI lawyer Salt Lake City UT has to offer can review the prosecution’s evidence against you. Pre-trial motions might be filed and can lead to a plea agreement or dismissal of your case. In either of these situations, you may not be required to go to trial. Should this be unsuccessful, the defense and prosecution may inform the judge about the status of the case. It can then be up to him or her to decide whether or not a trial is suitable; if it is, a date can be scheduled.

Even if you believe you are innocent, you might still have to go through the court process which is why you should have a DUI / DWI lawyer Salt Lake City UT provides on your side. Your lawyer can work as hard as possible to prove you’re innocent, but it is ultimately up to the jury or Utah courts to make this decision. Hiring a DUI / DWI lawyer in Salt Lake City UT can make a big difference in the outcome of your case, especially if you truly believe you are not guilty.

Understanding ‘Guilty Beyond a Reasonable Doubt’

It is the job of a prosecutor to show that the defendant is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. To do this they may accumulate evidence and attempt to remove any doubt from the case. When a DUI / DWI lawyer Salt Lake City UT respects is able to successfully argue how there is reasonable doubt, you increase your chances of winning.

Going to Trial

When DWI charges have been filed, a DUI / DWI lawyer Salt Lake City UT depends on should work diligently to resolve the charges through either a plea bargain or dismissal. Sometimes, a case can go to trial. The chances of you winning may depend on your lawyer’s ability to defend your charges in lieu of what the prosecution is saying. Character witnesses and evidence that shows you are a good standing citizen may also be used on your behalf. Going to trial without an experienced, private DUI / DWI lawyer Salt Lake City UT has to offer on your side is not recommended.

If you do find yourself needing to go to trial, it’s important to have a Salt Lake City DWI lawyer who knows your case and the law surrounding it and can fight for you. At the Law Office of Rasmussen & Miner, we have been representing clients in court for over two decades. We are a trial law firm and our expertise is taking your case to court and fighting for you. We are extremely well known in the legal community and it’s not uncommon to be referred to us other respected individuals in the industry such as judges, lawyers, and prosecutors. If you are going to take your DUI to court, make sure to call a DWI lawyer Salt Lake City trusts and respects at Rasmussen & Miner.

Next Steps to Take

After being bailed out of jail, it’s very important to follow the steps given on your DUI ticket in a timely manner. There are deadlines to requesting a hearing that must be followed and certain steps that must be taken to ensure you are best prepared to make your case. A DWI Lawyer Salt Lake City UT trusts can help guide you through the steps before your hearing.

One of the first things a DWI Lawyer Salt Lake City UT may ask for is your DUI report. According to Utah state law, an accused person has no right to see the evidence against them. They only receive basic notice about their right to trial. In order to see your report, you must request it in writing for the Drivers License Division at the same time you request a hearing.

In the report may be details describing how your driving came to the officer’s attention, any traffic violations you committed, your initial statements, speech and balance, any sobriety tests conducted by the officer, and whether or not you consented to a breathalyzer. It is important to gather all of the evidence you can so that we can best support and argue your case. A DWI Lawyer Salt Lake City UT relies on can help you to analyze your report and strategize the next steps you should take.

Apart from your DUI report, an experienced DWI lawyer in Salt Lake City UT may know that it is helpful to look for any video evidence of the crime. It is possible that there may be discrepancies between the report and the video which could help your case. If this was to occur, your attorney could be able to cross examine the officer under oath, forcing him to correct his testimony before the trial even begins.

Have Questions?

Should you still have questions about your charges, it’s advisable to speak with a lawyer atRasmussen & Miner as soon as possible. Any person who chooses to go to trail over a DUI without an attorney is leaving themselves extremely vulnerable and can be left with very little chances of winning. Consulting a DWI Lawyer Salt Lake City Utrusts to aggressively defend your case is of the utmost importance to get you the results you want. The more time we have to understand your case, the better we can prepare a strong defense. For a consultation with a DUI / DWI lawyer Salt Lake City UT residents rely on, please call (801) 683-9944.

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