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Motorcycle Accident Injury Law Firm Salt Lake City UT

Motorcycle Accident Injury Law Firm Salt Lake City UTMotorcycling enthusiasts have no trouble finding plenty of people who share their passion for riding throughout Utah and the West, generally. Most bikers who are motorcycle enthusiasts are also savvy about riding-related safety issues. Riding a motorcycle is unquestionably thrilling and unquestionably dangerous. Most often, when a biker is hit while on a ride, the collision is not the biker’s fault. Even when bikers contribute to the causes of their crashes, most motorcycle collisions occur due to the choices made by drunk, drowsy, distracted, or aggressive motorists. It is therefore important to know how to prevent motorcycle accidents and how to respond to them when they do occur. If you have been injured in an accident, contact a motorcycle accident lawyer Salt Lake City, UT residents trust as soon as you possibly can. The experienced team at Rasmussen & Miner can help to protect your rights as you explore all legal options available to you. 

Brush Up on Your Motorcycle Skills

Whether you just bought your first motorcycle or you have plenty of years of riding experience under your belt, taking the time to polish your skills and brush up on road safety tips is always a smart idea. All riders should take a motorcycle safety course every few years to make sure that they remain grounded in the basics. These courses cover topics such as riding during adverse weather, traveling through different road conditions, and how to handle when sudden or unexpected events arise. An added benefit to taking a class is that doing so can also lower your insurance premiums.

Aside from honing your biker skills, there are simple steps you should take to protect yourself before any ride. These include making sure your motorcycle is properly maintained and investing in the appropriate safety gear. Wearing a helmet can significantly reduce your risk of debilitating and potentially life-threatening injuries if a crash or collision does occur. Making sure that you don appropriate safety gear and have a clean driving record can also help a Salt Lake City, UT motorcycle accident injury law firm prove that it is unlikely that any accident that occurred was your fault. If you’re a safety-conscious person and your driving record has been clean for several years, it will make even more sense to argue that it is unlikely that you were driving in a reckless manner at the time of a collision. In addition, wear long pants or jeans, motorcycle boots, protective eye gear, and riding gloves at all times. Other ways you can protect yourself on the road include:

  • Avoid speeding and driving too fast for conditions
  • Obey all traffic signs and signals
  • Keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel at all times
  • Never ride under the influence of alcohol or other substances

Steps Other Drivers Can Take

National statistics show that there are approximately 5,000 people killed each year in motorcycle accidents. In many of these cases, it is the actions of other motorists on the road that are to blame. 

Drivers can help by being alert to motorcyclists and giving them the same respect they would any other vehicle on the road. To reduce the risk of collisions, the U.S. Department of Transportation urges drivers to follow these tips:

  • When going around curves near motorcyclists, be careful not to overlap into their lane
  • Give motorcyclists behind you plenty of warning if you intend to stop, pass, or make a turn
  • Double-check blind spots, where motorcyclists can disappear from view
  • Avoid aggressive driving behaviors, such as following motorcycles too closely

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