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At Rasmussen & Miner, an Uber accident lawyer in Salt Lake City, UT can imagine how effortless using a ridesharing app such as Uber can be when you need to get somewhere quickly and cheaply. The days of struggling to hail down a cab are over ever since the invention of ride sharing companies. Unfortunately, just because it is a different type of rental experience does not mean that there are no risks of being in a car crash. And when accidents do occur, they tend to be more complicated because of all the parties involved. Victims of Uber accidents often turn to a car accident lawyer Salt Lake City UT residents trust for help seeking compensation for their injuries, losses, and damages. 

About Uber

Uber is a company that matches freelance drivers with people who need a ride through an app on their phone. Uber establishes the price for the ride based on the number of riders and the distance to be travelled. The driver uses his or her own vehicle. So unlike limousines and taxis that must be inspected for safety on a routine basis, there are no related requirements for Uber cars.

Additionally, these drivers are always kept in touch with their customers and dispatcher, so they could potentially become distracted while operating the vehicle. If you were in an accident recently and believe that your driver was the one who caused the accident, then please contact Rassmusen & Miner today to speak with an Uber accident lawyer in Salt Lake City. 

Steps To Take During an Uber Accident

Your priority in the event of an Uber accident, is to ensure that your health is okay. If you think you need medical care, then do not refuse treatment from a medic team. Always call 911 even if you are not sure if you are injured, because the officer will take a report of the incident that you can use later on if you decide to pursue compensation with help from a Salt Lake City Uber accident lawyer. 

Remember to document the accident just as if you were in a non-ride sharing vehicular collision. Exchange information with both your Uber driver and the other driver. Ask for their name, contact, address, insurance carrier, policy number, driver’s license number, vehicle make/model/year, and license plate number. Take photographs of your injuries and damages to all vehicles. When the officer shows up to help with the scene, give them facts about what happened through your perspective. Your Uber accident lawyer in UT can tell you where to get a copy of this police report in the days to follow. 

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