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Wrongful Death Lawyer Salt Lake City UT

Examples Of Common Wrongful Death Lawsuits


Hearing about the death of a loved one is terribly difficult for family members. Then to learn that another individual or entity may have been responsible for the death can cause immense pain and anguish. Wrongful death happens when a person’s passing is caused by a wrongful act, intentionality, or negligence of another. Wrongful deaths can be a result of several situations, the most common of those being the following:

Airplane Accidents: Most people enjoy traveling and taking an airplane is one of the most common forms of travel, especially over long distances or when you go out of the country. Some studies show that traveling by plane is much safer than traveling by car. Unfortunately, accidents can happen even while aboard an airplane, too. The plane, itself, may be faulty or not equipped to carry the weight of the passengers and luggage on board. The pilot might have a history of substance abuse, or the pilot might be unqualified to fly the particular sort of plane that crashed. In either case, you can bring a wrongful death lawsuit against the pilot’s family and the airline.

Motorcycle Accidents: Riding a motorcycle is exhilarating and fun. Sadly, it is also dangerous and a number one cause of many roadside deaths. Many motorcycle accidents are not the fault of the rider. Motorcyclists are typically safe riders who feel more compelled than others to abide by traffic laws because they are at a disadvantage on the road. They take up less space, so they can be harder to see, and they do not have the protective coverage that cars provide. A motorcycle accident can occur when a car tries to stop a motorcyclist from lane splitting, when a driver is drunk, or when a driver is distracted while driving, such as messaging and driving. 

Dog Bites: Dog bites can be very serious. They can even be fatal. You may bring a wrongful death suit if your loved one died as a result of a vicious dog attack when the dog was a pet. Even if your loved one initially survived the dog attack and only died later from medical complications, you can still bring the suit as long as you can prove that the complications arose from the dog bite. 

Farm Animal Attacks: Farm handlers owe pedestrians and their neighbors a duty of care to keep their farm animals away from causing havoc. Farm animals, such as cows, can accidentally cause death. For example, if a cow runs loose because, say, the farm owner didn’t fence in her or his property well, and it runs into a car–killing a passenger–or bystander, you can bring a wrongful death claim. Even if your loved one was on the farm owner’s property when the tragic death occurred, as long as she or he was there lawfully (i.e., invited there, worked there), you have a claim.

Child Abuse: Child abuse cases make up over one million wrongful death lawsuits. Child abuse that leads to a wrongful death claim can arise from a school setting, daycare setting, babysitting, or any environment where a third party is around your child.

Child Neglect: Child neglect is also a leading cause of wrongful death cases where children are involved. Failing to provide adequate shelter, food, and drink to a child can lead to starvation, dehydration, or fatal exposure to the elements that robs the child of her or his life.

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