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Bike Accident Lawyer Salt Lake City UTIf you have been suffered injury, due to an automobile/bike accident, talking to an experienced bike accident lawyer Salt Lake City UT is an important first step to take in putting your life back together again.  You have doubtless suffered severe injuries and are wondering: How do I pay for my medical expenses?  How do I recover my lost wages? How can I be compensated for my pain and suffering and even permanent disability?


While many people ride bikes to get in shape there is a significant percentage who ride them out of economic necessity.  Perhaps you are a student or someone trying to save money.  What do you do if you don’t have health insurance?  Surprise!  If you consult with a knowledgeable bike accident lawyer Salt Lake City UT, he will tell you that you are covered by the person operating the motor vehicle that hit you.  Utah statute requires that every driver carry a no-fault policy that covers everyone in his car and every pedestrian or person operating a self-propelled vehicle with medical coverage for the first $3,000.00 of medical expenses associated with the accident.  This is the minimum and many times drivers carry higher limits.  If you are unfortunate enough to be hit by someone without automobile insurance then you can access coverage under your own auto policy.


Automobile/bike accidents commonly involve serious injuries.  Getting justly compensated is often a dance between many different policies.  An experienced bike accident lawyer Salt Lake City UT will tell you that the minimum liability limits are $25,000.00 in the State of Utah.  This will usually not be enough to satisfy a bicyclist’s medical bills and injuries.  Once the at fault party tenders his entire policy limits you will have the right to use your own automobile insurance’s uninsured or underinsured policy.  You shouldn’t feel bad bringing a claim against your own insurance company.  Uninsured and underinsured motor vehicle coverage is a separate part of your policy for which you pay a separate premium.  A seasoned bike accident lawyer Salt Lake City UT will want to look at your own auto policy to map out a strategy to maximize your settlement.


If you have to use your medical insurance after exhausting the applicable no-fault benefits your medical insurance will invariably expect to be paid back out of any settlement.  Medical insurance’s right to be paid back is called subrogation.  It is important to note that the right of an insurer to be paid back is not limited to private insurance.  If you are covered by government assistance in the form of Medicare or Medicaid and have received medical treatment paid for by one of those programs; arrangements must be made to satisfy their subrogation rights as well.  A knowledgeable bike accident lawyer Salt Lake City UT will work to minimize what has to be paid back to maximize your final settlement.  Generally both private and governmental insurance will agree to reduce the amount they are owed by the same contingency fee percentage that you paid to hire your attorney.  This has the practical effect of having the attorney’s fee you owe for your bike accident lawyer Salt Lake City UT subsidized by your medical insurance.