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Criminal Defense against Domestic Violence Charges

Salt Lake City Domestic Abuse Defense Lawyer

Few criminal charges have been as misapplied as the charge of domestic violence. A heated domestic argument can cause both partners to lose it… and yet only one faces criminal charges. In a difficult divorce situation, it’s easy for one person to make false charges of domestic abuse against the other in order to get the house and the kids.

On the other hand, domestic violence is a very real problem in our homes and our communities and it cuts across all income levels, all races and all religions. If your family life has been marred by violence and abuse, you need help to get your life together, not restraining orders and jail time to tear it apart further.

This is not just a court case, this is your life-and it’s our fight.

When you’re facing domestic violence charges, you need:

  • Experienced lawyers who understand the local courts and juries
  • Compassionate lawyers who understand your situation and can give you sound legal advice
  • Creative lawyers who know what resources are available for you in the community to help you and your family find healing and recovery

At the Salt Lake City law office of Rasmussen & Miner, our defense lawyers have been working in state and federal courts in Utah for more than 20 years. Our track record of results demonstrates our commitment to helping our clients get their lives together.

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We Take Domestic Violence Defense Seriously

Considered more serious than assault in Utah, domestic violence charges can include domestic assault or battery, violation of protective orders, or sexual abuse of a child, all carrying serious consequences. If you’ve been charged with spousal abuse you need to know that a conviction will mean you will be barred from legal ownership of a firearm, even a hunting rifle. If you violate this gun restriction, you face charges for weapons violations.

Also, domestic violence is an “enhanceable offense.” That means that if you are convicted again, the penalties will be worse each time. Domestic violence can be a felony offense. Whether you face family abuse charges in Draper, Salt Lake City or communities in Weber County or elsewhere in Utah, we will protect your rights and help you find the resources you need to turn your life around.

A Strategic Defense for Domestic Abuse Charges

Serious criminal cases benefit from a team approach. Two attorneys will review your case separately and then together, working to identify strengths and weaknesses in the case and to develop a defense strategy to achieve the best possible outcome, given the facts. That could be a dismissal of charges, probation and counseling, or an acquittal at trial.

Managing Your Social Media Accounts While Facing Charges

It’s important that you take special caution when posting on social media, responding to comments online, using email, and texting until your case has concluded. From now until your case is over, it’s best to operate under the assumption that what you say, type, and post can and will be used against you. This is true if you’re facing domestic violence charges in a criminal context and it’s also true if someone has filed a personal injury suit against you. It’s even true if you’re “simply” dealing with a family law scenario (divorce, child custody dispute, etc.) wherein domestic abuse allegations are factoring into the resolution of that matter.

Why is it so important to be careful when texting, emailing, posting, etc.? Opposing counsel (in a personal injury and/or family law matter) or the prosecutor in a criminal case could potentially use the words and/or images that you use to communicate against you. Say, for instance, that you – like millions of other Americans – like to use social media to blow off steam. If you start to rant about your accuser online, other parties to the case(s) you’re involved in could perceive those words to be intimidation. Similarly, if you’re posting violent content – even if it is just images from a video game you enjoy playing – these images could be used as evidence that you are a person who embraces violence. If you have questions about how you should and should not be communicating electronically during this time, don’t hesitate to ask a Salt Lake City, UT domestic violence attorney at our firm. It is a far better idea to ask questions upfront than to act without thinking and have to deal with the consequences of your unintentionally harmful actions later.

Working with an Attorney During This Challenging Time

The experienced Utah legal team at Rasmussen & Miner practices both criminal defense and personal injury law. Therefore, a Salt Lake City, UT domestic violence attorney on our team can assist you with your legal needs if you’ve been charged with a criminal domestic violence offense and/or if you’ve been served with a civil lawsuit for allegedly causing someone injury. We do not practice family law, however, we can help you to understand how your current situation may impact your family law case and we can communicate with your family law attorney (if applicable) as need be.

It’s critically important to act proactively to safeguard your rights, no matter what kinds of legal challenges you’re facing right now. Dealing with any legal matter can be tough. But we’re here to help navigate you through these challenges so that you can begin looking towards the future again as soon as possible.

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