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Call this direct line and speak with Rob immediately: (801) 363-8500

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If you’ve been charged with a drunk driving crime, you may need to contact a DUI lawyer Salt Lake City UT can provide as soon as possible. As in most states today, Utah DUI charges are serious and carry potentially devastating consequences. One brief lapse in judgment can put you in an embarrassing and economically dire situation. You may face losing your driver’s license and auto insurance, as well as substantial fines or even jail time. You will most likely have to face both a criminal hearing and an administrative hearing. Carrying a DUI conviction on your record can threaten your potential for future employment or even your rights as a parent.

Many people face their first DUI charge with false hope and the belief that things will work out for the best. While hope is important to maintain, you can’t hang your hat on it. You need an experienced DUI lawyer Salt Lake City UT drivers trust on your side before you give a statement, appear in court, or speak with a prosecutor.

Why You Need an Experienced Utah DUI Lawyer

If you’ve already been charged, chances are you were arrested, taken to jail, fingerprinted and booked. Maybe you even had to spend the night in jail, with all the discomfort and humiliation that entails. The good news is that you may already have been through the worst of it. In many cases, depending on the circumstances and your past record, a good Utah DUI defense attorney may negotiate on your behalf for lesser charges and reduced penalties. Your attorney understands the law but, even more importantly, knows how the system works.

Every American citizen has the legal right to be represented by a qualified and knowledgeable attorney in a fair and speedy trial. For defendants who are unable to pay for a lawyer, a public defender should be available for them. However, there are several reasons why it is often very beneficial to hire a private DUI lawyer Salt Lake City UT has to offer for representation.

For starters, independent attorneys typically have fewer cases and far more resources than public defenders have. A private Salt Lake City DUI lawyer, such as one from Rasmussen & Miner, may have the time to collect evidence on your behalf, seek out witness depositions to strengthen your case, and work closely with the prosecutor to negotiate a plea deal. While it is technically possible to represent yourself in legal proceedings, it is nearly always recommended to seek out counsel from an experienced and trustworthy DUI lawyer Salt Lake City UT residents respect. This is especially true if you do not plan on pleading guilty and instead wish to fight the charges in court.

Dealing With a DUI Charge: What Are Your Options?

Firstly, if you’ve been charged with DUI, you have the option to plead guilty and simply accept the charges that you’ve been given. However, even if there is substantial evidence against you, pleading guilty isn’t your only option. After you hire a DUI lawyer in Salt Lake City UT, your lawyer may negotiate with the prosecutor to lower the charges, which could also result in smaller penalties. If you and your lawyer firmly believe that you’ll have a viable case in court, you may have the ability to choose between a trial before a judge or a trial before a jury of your peers.

There are a few situations where a seemingly valid DUI charge might be dismissed entirely. Blood alcohol content (BAC) tests, for example, do not always produce accurate results. If you were only given a breathalyzer test and there is proof that the results of the test may have been inaccurate, your lawyer may be able to get your charges dismissed. Similarly, charges may be thrown out if it is clear that the arresting officer abused or neglected your basic Constitutional rights in some way.

Keep in mind that trials in front of a judge or jury can be very unpredictable in any type of criminal case. If your BAC level was above .08% at the time of your arrest, and if these test results were valid, if can be difficult to prove that you were not intoxicated while driving. A lawyer may be able to strengthen your case by obtaining witness testimonies and other expert opinions.

Even if your charges are simply reduced via a plea bargain, this may be very beneficial. A smaller charge may allow you to forego incarceration, steep fines, and other penalties of a serious DUI conviction. A lawyer who is capable and willing to work on a reasonable outcome for your case with thorough investigations and negotiations may be prove to be invaluable in the long term.

Take Quick Action for the Best Outcome

If you have been arrested and charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs in Salt Lake City or anywhere in northern Utah, contact Rasmussen and Miner immediately. Their experienced attorneys will take swift action to build a strong case on your behalf. If there is a chance that the DUI charges can be dropped, or that your record can remain untarnished, they will explore and exploit every possible avenue. Their goal is to help you to keep your freedom and your hard-earned money. If you must ultimately be held accountable for your transgression, they will do everything in their power to ensure that you receive fair and equitable treatment.

You Need a DUI Lawyer Salt Lake City UT Trusts

You don’t have to face your DUI charges alone. Contact Rasmussen and Miner today for a professional evaluation and analysis of your case.

It’s time to get answers. Contact us below or call us at (801) 363-8500 for an immediate consultation with a DUI lawyer Salt Lake City UT drivers depend on.

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