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Gavel on calendarI was in a car accident, how can a rollover accident lawyer in Salt Lake City UT help?

Car accidents can be very stressful and lead to serious injuries. During the time of recovery you do not need to additional legal stress, allow the rollover accident lawyer Salt Lake City UT trusts from Rasmussen & Miner to handle your case while you work towards getting better. Our attorneys have experience helping clients with the following:

  • Processing and completing the necessary paperwork, ensuring you meet the proper statute of limitations, and dealing with the legal procedures.
  • Work alongside a team of investigators to understand the technical aspects of your specific case.
  • Instead of going through the stresses of court, we find alternatives such as arbitration or mediation.
  • Our lawyers can deal with the insurance companies and be the points of contact.
  • Provide the legal services that help you to receive the amount of compensation you deserve for your losses.
  • If a claim cannot be settled through negotiations, your lawyer can represent you in court.

Having a skilled Salt Lake City, Utah rollover accident lawyer on your side can help you get the compensation you truly deserve without having to worry or stress about the complex legal matters.

What is arbitration and mediation?

Arbitration and mediation are similar, in that either settlement keeps the case from going to court.

  1. Arbitration: this is a formal meeting in which both parties present evidence and their arguments to an arbitrator. The arbitrator will then legall decide the outcome.
  2. Mediation: this, on the other hand, is an informal meeting. Two parties will meet and try to find an agreeable resolution with the assistance of a mediator.

It is typically better if the case is able to be resolved via arbitration or mediation and not having to proceed to court. During a settlement, having a rollover accident lawyer in Salt Lake City UT that is familiar with this process can help ensure you are getting the compensation that you deserve. In addition, if a proper settlement cannot be reached, a auto accident lawyer Salt Lake City UT depends on from Rasmussen & Miner can defend your case in court.

What kind of information should I get from the other driver?

After an accident, if you are able too, it can be very helpful to exchange information with the other driver involved in the accident. The information you may want to collect includes:

  • The name of the insurance company and policy number of the other driver
  • Write down their license plate number and license ID number
  • Record the model, type and color of the other vehicle
  • Write down the location of the accident.

Collecting this information can be a great help to the Salt Lake City, UT rollover accident lawyer working your case.

Are there other documents I should collect that will help my case and lawyer?

In addition to collecting the other person’s information, other documents regarding the accidents can help your case. Additional information you may want to gather includes:

  • Contact information and names of any witnesses
  • Write down the names of police officers that came to the scene
  • Take pictures or videos of the accident to have hard evidence
  • Keep any doctor notes, medical receipts, prescriptions and all other paperwork that relates to your medical bills.

Having evidence to backup your case can help tremendously and allow a rollover accident lawyer Salt Lake City UT relies on to handle their cases at Rasmussen & Miner to build a solid case.