Drug Trafficking

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Criminal Defense against Drug Trafficking Charges

Salt Lake City Drug Trafficking Defense Lawyer

Out Salt Lake City, UT drug trafficking attorney knows that drug trafficking charges can be charged in Utah state or federal courts. It’s one of the most serious drug crimes and people facing this charge often find themselves charged with conspiracy, money laundering, or RICO as well.

With mandatory minimum prison sentencing in federal cases, it’s vitally important to work with a drug trafficking defense attorney who has significant state and federal experience. The lawyers at Rasmussen & Miner have more than 20 years of criminal trial experience defending people on felony drug charges across the Wasatch Front.

This is not just a court case, this is your life—and it’s our fight.

We understand the challenges of high-level drug cases involving meth, crack, coke, heroin, and prescription drugs. We also understand the challenges of media attention and its effect on prospective jurors.

Our drug trafficking defense team has a track record of results in state and federal drug cases for drug possession, drug manufacturing, and drug trafficking.

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A Strategic Defense on Drug Trafficking Charges

At Rasmussen & Miner, we take a team approach to drug trafficking defense. Your case will be reviewed by two attorneys who will work together to identify strengths and weaknesses and to develop an effective defense strategy, which may include negotiating lesser charges in order to keep your case in state court.

Put our drug trafficking defense team to work on your case. Contact our Salt Lake City law office.

Get Help For Your Charges

Our drug trafficking attorney Salt Lake City, UT has relied on for years knows that when you are accused of a drug crime it is best not to wait around and see how the case unfolds. You may think you should wait to get an attorney to see if the accusations are serious. However, by the time you realize they are, you will wish you had gotten an attorney who could have been working on your defense. If you are convicted of drug trafficking, it can mean you will be in prison for many years, missing out on time with your family, a job you enjoy, and freedom. Once you have been accused of drug trafficking, the best thing you can do is remain silent and get help from our Salt Lake City, Utah drug trafficking attorney. 

Why do I need an attorney? Is the crime that serious?

We know that some people may believe spending a few nights in jail is not that serious. However, drug trafficking comes with much more serious punishments than a few nights in jail. Because of how serious this crime is, the prosecutor will likely do all they can to put you in prison and give you the maximum sentence. This means as soon as you find out you are being accused of drug trafficking, you need to begin building an extremely strong defense. You can do this with the help of your drug trafficking attorney in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

What kind of punishments do I face with this charge?

We believe it is best to know what you may be facing as soon as possible so we can combat these charges from every angle. Certain things will increase the seriousness of the charges brought against you, like:

  • What kind of drug you are charged with trafficking. Marijuana will have significantly different charges than cocaine or heroin. 
  • How much of the drug you allegedly trafficked. 
  • If you sold the drug to minors or were selling drugs near a school. 
  • If the drugs you allegedly trafficked went over state lines or national borders. 
  • If weapons were used or found on you when you were arrested. 

Who can help me?

The drug trafficking attorney Salt Lake City, UT has relied on from Rasmussen & Miner knows that drug trafficking accusations must be taken seriously. As soon as you find out you have been charged, we urge you to remain silent and contact our attorneys as soon as possible. For more information, call our Salt Lake City, Utah drug trafficking attorney now.