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Burn Injury Lawyer Salt Lake City UTRasmussen & Miner is a Salt Lake City, UT law firm whose burn injury lawyer has recovered significant settlements on behalf of victims. Burn injuries are often more significant than many other types of injuries because if they are not fatal, they often leave permanent scarring. The burned areas can also be terribly painful and not just immediately after the accident. Severe scarring can result in permanent pain and suffering. Victims who have suffered severe burns in accidents they didn’t cause are entitled to compensation for their damages. Our burn injury lawyer in Salt Lake City, UT assists them in receiving the compensation they deserve from the party who caused the accident. Call us immediately to discuss your case at no charge with our burn injury lawyer in Salt Lake City, UT.

Burn Injury Damages

The American Burn Association reports that 1.25 million burn injuries are significant enough that they require immediate medical attention. Around 50,000 of them require that the patient be admitted to a hospital for treatment. About half of the 50,000 patients enter a dedicated burn unit. About 4,500 of burn victims die every year in the U.S. When an individual suffers burns on at least 90% of their body, it may be fatal. If not fatal, they will suffer permanent injuries as a result. Our burn injury lawyer in Salt Lake City, UT is aware of these sobering statistics and fights for the rights of victims to receive maximum compensation. Our legal team also represents families who lost a loved one in an accident due to significant burn injuries.

Burn Injury Complications

In addition to suffering the burn injury itself, victims may suffer from serious complications. In fact, the complications could ultimately be more of a threat to their survival than the burn itself. For instance, should they develop an infection, it can be life-threatening. With the help of our burn injury lawyer in Salt Lake City, UT, you and your family can receive the amount of compensation needed to get quality medical care.

Another life-threatening complication that can arise from a serious burn injury is multiple organ system dysfunction or failure. This can be catastrophic and unrecoverable. If the victim survives, their long term health prognosis may be fragile at best. Our personal injury lawyer in Salt Lake City, UT has a thorough understanding of the medical costs associated with responses to multiple organ system dysfunction or failure. We will leverage all available resources to obtain a settlement on your behalf that will allow you to get the medical treatment you need in order to maximize your recovery.

Adult respiratory distress syndrome is also associated with significant burn injuries. This is a condition in which the person’s lungs fail. As a result, they can suffer severe, uncontrolled inflammation in their respiratory system that is debilitating.

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