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criminal defense lawyer salt lake city UTWhen you need a criminal defense lawyer Salt Lake City UT clients depend on, it can feel overwhelming to choose a lawyer from the hundreds who advertise in the Yellow Pages and on the Web. How can you feel confident you’ve chosen well?

Simple. Contact a respected Utah Criminal Defense Law Firm at (801) 363-8500. At the Salt Lake City law office of Rasmussen & Miner, our trial lawyers talk with prospective clients every day about our approach to the law and the services we provide in personal injury and criminal defense cases. Many choose to hire our firm after they learn about our:

  • Decades of trial court experience
  • Track record of successful results
  • Team approach to identifying the best strategy for success, given the facts of a case

Criminal Defense Lawyers With a Solid Reputation

Our outstanding reputation is strong among the legal community and people who know the law — including other lawyers and prosecutors — refer friends, family, and clients to Rasmussen & Miner.  Former clients also show their confidence in our ability to get results and the quality of service we provide to our clients by sending us referrals.

Our skilled defense lawyers represent adult and juvenile clients facing all types of felonies and misdemeanors in state and federal courts, including charges involving:

America’s legal system is complex and intimidating. We are there with our clients every step of the way, providing the encouragement and sound legal advice they need to make informed decisions affecting the rest of their lives.

The Benefits of a Criminal Defense Lawyer Salt Lake City UT Offers

If you or a family member is facing criminal charges in Utah, the consequences that could result from each charge could be devastating and change your life forever. Whether or not the charges against you hold merit, the justice system can be ruthless – especially to the defendant. Without a criminal defense lawyer Salt Lake City UT trusts, you could be left on your own to navigate the complex process. Although it is your right to have a public lawyer, these professionals typically lack the time and attention your case needs. Any mistake or important factor left unnoticed could have very unfortunate consequences.

This does not have to be true. You have the chance to have a criminal defense lawyer in Salt Lake City UT on your side. By hiring private counsel you can benefit from a multitude of factors; thereby, having a direct impact on the outcome of your case. The following explains some of the biggest benefits to hiring a criminal defense lawyer Salt Lake City UT respects:

Your Lawyer Cares

The prosecutor and other court workers have a job to reduce alleged criminals in the community. It is also part of their job to meet a yearly quota of offenders so that they continue to receive state funding. This means they are typically more concerned about statistical changes rather than your own well-being. A Salt Lake City criminal defense lawyer has one job and that is to protect you and your rights. A lawyer seeks to defend you to the best of their ability and be your voice during a hearing, plea bargain, or trial. A criminal defense lawyer Salt Lake City UT residents can count on will take time to understand your case, thoroughly assess the situation, and develop a strategy of defense that has your interests in mind. Ultimately, he or she cares about you.

A Lawyer Understands the Law

A criminal defense lawyer Salt Lake City UT provides has spent years studying criminal law. They are well versed in the criminal court system and the procedures. As well, they should understand various loopholes that could be used in your defense.

Harsh Penalties Could Be Avoided

No matter what charges you are facing, your well-being will be at stake. It should be important for you to take every action possible so that you don’t suffer any more than what is deemed to be necessary. Even if you are innocent, you could still be found guilty. You need someone to protect you against injustice. This is where a criminal defense lawyer Salt Lake City UT depends on can come in. Your lawyer will work as hard as they can to ensure you are not falsely charged or given an unfair sentence.

Money Is Saved

Although hiring a criminal defense lawyer Salt Lake City UT relies on could be costly upfront, in the long run the financial benefits could be extraordinary. Criminal charges usually come with large fines, court costs, miscellaneous fees, and the inability to work or earn wages. If you are sentenced to jail or prison, the loss of wages could be significantly more. By hiring a lawyer, the charges might be reduced or dropped, which ultimately, may save you money.

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