Assault and Battery

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Salt Lake City Assault and Battery Defense Attorney

In Utah, out Salt Lake City criminal defense attorney knows that criminal assault charges range from simple assault to assault with intent to commit murder. Simple assault and domestic assault are misdemeanor charges. Aggravated assault and assault with a deadly weapon are felony charges.

Regardless of whether the charge is a misdemeanor or a felony, all assault charges are serious if you are convicted. You will be left with a criminal record. The immediate effect of a criminal conviction is likely to be fines and restitution, jail or prison time, and extended probation.

Even after you’ve “paid your debt,” you’ll find that an assault conviction continues to make life more difficult by reducing your chances of being hired or obtaining credit or housing.

This is not just a court case, this is your life—and it’s our fight.

At the Salt Lake City law office of Rasmussen & Miner, we understand the challenges you face. We work with adults and juveniles in Utah state and federal criminal law courts. Our track record of results in assault and battery and other criminal cases demonstrates our commitment to protecting our clients’ rights in court.

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Defense on Any Assault Charge

For more than 20 years, the Salt Lake City criminal defense attorneys at Rasmussen & Miner have represented clients facing charges of:

  • Assault
  • Domestic assault
  • Assault and battery
  • Aggravated assault
  • Assault with a deadly weapon
  • Assault by a prisoner

Get Help Now

When someone has accused you of assault, you know it is time to turn to the criminal defense attorney Salt Lake City, UT relies on from Rasmussen & Miner. Being accused of any kind of crime can turn your life upside down, but assault comes with a slew of additional accusations and punishments that could make anyone’s life a nightmare. We know that this means your life could change forever so we want you to know that you have attorneys on your side who will be there to aggressively defend you. If you have been accused of some kind of assault and are seeking the help of an attorney, look no further than our trusted Salt Lake City, UT criminal defense attorney. 

What should I do when the police want to bring me in for questioning?

We understand that many people who are being accused of assault naturally want to explain why they are innocent, give the police an alibi, and move on with their lives. However, our criminal defense attorney in Salt Lake City, Utah does not believe this is the best course of action. Even if you have the best alibi against these assault accusations, the police may somehow still be able to twist what you say and use it against you. It is not worth trying to explain your side without the help of your attorney. Especially when it comes to cases of assault, it is best to remain quiet and wait until your attorney is present. If there is information that shows you are innocent, present it to your attorney and we can give it to the police. 

I’m worried that if I refuse to speak I will look guilty. Isn’t this true?

It is important to remember when you are charged with assault that refusing to speak with police is not an admission of guilt. Instead, waiting for your Salt Lake City, UT criminal defense attorney means you are being wise. 

What if I’m suspected of assaulting my own child?

Unfortunately, even when you believe you are bringing your child to safety after an accident and you take them to a hospital, a medical provider may believe their injuries are suspicious. It is especially important during this time to have a trusted and aggressive criminal defense attorney in Utah on your side. 

For more information and help when you have been accused of assault, call the Salt Lake City, UT criminal defense attorney from Rasmussen & Miner

A Strategic Defense in Assault Cases

Our clients benefit from a team approach. Two attorneys will review your case in order to identify strengths and weaknesses and to develop a defense strategy to achieve the best possible outcome, given the facts. You are also a vital member of your defense team. You will always be kept informed of changes and progress in your case.

If you have questions about an assault and battery charge, contact our Salt Lake City law office to speak with a criminal defense attorney in Salt Lake City, UT now.