Theft Crimes and Burglary Charges

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Criminal Defense against Theft and Burglary Charges

Salt Lake City Auto Theft and Burglary Defense Lawyer

At Rasmussen & Miner, our Salt Lake City auto theft and burglary defense lawyer has been representing people on felony and misdemeanor theft charges for more than 20 years. We represent juveniles as well as adults. The theft crimes defense attorneys at Rasmussen & Miner have a track record of results in these and other theft cases:

  • Bad checks
  • Shoplifting
  • Auto theft and burglary from a vehicle
  • Burglary of a home or commercial property
  • Receiving stolen property
  • Possession of burglary tools
  • Larceny
  • Identity theft
  • Embezzlement

This is not just a court case, this is your life—and it’s our fight.

In fact, our burglary defense attorneys have extensive experience helping people charged with home or auto theft or burglary from a vehicle. Contact our office to schedule a free initial consultation. Call (801)363-8500. Our phones are answered 24/7 and we make jail visits.

We Take Theft and Burglary Crimes Seriously

Theft crimes can be second- or third-degree felony charges. If there are aggravating circumstances, that can bump the charges up to first degree, with more serious consequences. However, we can challenge the charges against you in a number of ways. Is the evidence there to support the prosecutor’s claim or has the prosecutor charged you with more than they can prove? Was that evidence obtained legally? Are there witnesses to clear you? Are there credibility problems with their witnesses? We get to the bottom, investigate the facts, and then develop our defense strategy.

A Strategic Defense for Theft Crimes

At Rasmussen & Miner, we take a team approach with every criminal case. Two attorneys will review your case to identify strengths and weaknesses and to develop a defense strategy. That could be a dismissal of charges, pleading to lesser charges, probation, or acquittal at trial. In juvenile theft crime cases, we understand available diversion and probation options.

Put our theft crimes defense team to work on your case. Contact our Salt Lake City law office.

Grand Theft Auto

When you have been charged with stealing a car, you need the help of a Salt Lake City auto theft and burglary defense lawyer from Rasmussen & Miner. If you have been caught stealing a car, this could mean you will be charged with a felony and spend time in prison and can get slapped with large fines. It is important to understand what you are being charged with, how serious the crime is, and what kinds of punishments can come from stealing an automobile. If you have any questions regarding your charges or if you have been charged and are looking for immediate representation, please contact the trusted auto theft and burglary defense lawyer in Salt Lake City from our office. We have helped many people in your position. 

What is a grand theft charge?

When you hear someone talking about theft crimes, you will likely hear it divided into two main categories:


  • Petty Theft: This typically results in a misdemeanor and can mean you will spend time in jail. For a crime to be labeled “petty theft,” it usually means that only a certain dollar amount (often less than $500) was stolen.
  • Grand Theft: To be considered grand theft, the property amount stolen is usually over $500, though stealing an automobile almost always constitutes grand theft. Grand theft typically results in prison time. 


What is needed to prove grand theft auto?

A prosecutor will need to prove a few things to show that grand theft auto occurred. They are:

  1. You took a vehicle or drove off with a vehicle. 
  2. The vehicle in question was not yours but someone else’s property. 
  3. You had no intention of bringing the vehicle back to the owner. 

Are there any defenses to grand theft auto? 

Our Salt Lake City, Utah auto theft and burglary defense lawyer knows that there are defenses for grand theft auto. The first one is the intent. If you can show that you never intended to permanently deprive the owner of the car but instead you were going to bring the car back, grand theft did not occur. Instead, this kind of crime would be known as “joyriding,” a much less serious offense than grand theft. Our auto theft and burglary defense lawyer in UT also knows that consent is important with these charges. If we can prove that the car owner gave you consent before you took their car, then no crime has occurred. 

The punishments for grand theft auto are serious and you should speak with your lawyer as soon as you are charged. To see how our Salt Lake City auto theft and burglary defense lawyer can help you, call Rasmussen & Miner now.