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Suicide Wrongful Death Lawyer Salt Lake City UT Wrongful Death Lawsuit Salt Lake City Utah

At Rassmusen & Miner, a Suicide wrongful death lawyer in Salt Lake City, UT knows that when someone you care about deepy commits suicide, the intensity of the loss can be magnified with a feeling of blame. You may be wondering to yourself whether there was something you could have done, and many loved ones search for answers by replaying the last moments they had with this person.

Tragically, there is nothing that can be done to take back losing this cherished person, and grieving family members must not blame themselves. A Utah Suicide wrongful death lawyer knows that the reasons behind committing suicide are complex and rarely have something to do with one isolated incident, such as an argument or conversation.

If someone you care about recently took their own life and you believe that it may have been the result of negligence by a medical professional or another party, then we strongly advise speaking with a wrongful death lawyer Salt Lake City UT right away for help. 

Viable Claim For Compensation

It is understandable that family members may be unsure about pursuing a wrongful death lawsuit when a relative takes their own life. As your UT suicide wrongful death lawyer in Salt Lake City can explain, a parent, spouse, child, or estate administrator may have the foundation for a viable claim in order to obtain compensation if there are signs of recklessness, misconduct, or negligence. We can perform an investigation to see if another party had an influence in the suicide happening.

Examples of Wrongful Death Lawsuits

Here we have described a couple situations in which a wrongful death lawsuit may be filed. it is important to note that wrongful death cases can be very challenging and emotional, so hiring an experienced Utah Suicide wrongful death lawyer in Salt Lake City, such as one at Rassmusen & Miner, can make all the difference. There are many circumstances where a wrongful death lawsuit can be filed, but here are two real-world examples: 

Violent Crime

When someone is attacked violently, the emotional and physical impact of dealing with injuries may constitute as damages which can be recovered through legal action. If a victim of assault takes his or her own life, the family may be eligible to file a wrongful death claim against the offender of the violent crime. 


Over the years awareness has increased regarding just how much bullying can have a negative impact on the person being harassed. Kids that are subjected to bullying by those at their school or in a social group has spurred several lawsuits after the victim had committed suicide. If the bully is under legal age, then the parents may be named in the lawsuit, along with teachers and other school administrators who were aware of what was going on. 

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