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Highway Accident Lawyer Salt Lake City, UTApproximately 40,000 people are killed in car accidents each year in this country and millions more injured, many right here in Utah. Tragically, many of these injuries and deaths were preventable. Some of the deadliest crashes occur on highways, often because of the higher rate of speed that vehicles are traveling. A highway accident lawyer Salt Lake City, UT clients recommend from Rasmussen & Miner has represented many car accident victims and explains what some of the more common causes of highway accidents are.

Alcohol and Drug Use

Alcohol has been identified as one of the leading causes of car accidents. Statistics show that each year, approximately one-third of all fatal car accidents involve a driver that has alcohol in their system. Currently, the legal blood alcohol content limit in all states is .08 percent, however, many safety advocates are pushing for states to lower that legal limit to .05 percent.

Drug impairment is also another common cause of crashes. One study showed that the percentage of at-fault drivers in fatal crashes who test positive for prescription opioids continues to increase each year.


Another common factor in highway crashes that a Salt Lake City, UT highway accident lawyer sees in the cases they represent is speeding. Speeding is also a factor in increasing the severity of injuries that victims suffer. Some of the perilous conditions that speeding causes include:

  •       More stopping distance needed when the weather is bad. Even just rain can have an impact on increasing the needed distance. If a driver is speeding, they may lose that window of opportunity for stopping and the result can be tragic.
  •       Large vehicles, like buses and commercial trucks, also need more distance for slowing down and stopping. A driver speeding can find themselves with not enough time to stop.
  •       A driver who is distracted can fail to see that the traffic in front of them has slowed down or come to a complete stop. They may also drift or swerve into another driver’s lane. Both of these scenarios can be deadly.
  •       Fatigued drivers are also responsible for many highway crashes, especially commercial truck drivers. Anyone who has driven on a highway for long hours can attest to how monotonous this type of driving can be.

 Many motorists in the Salt Lake City, UT community have benefited from the legal services offered by our highway accident lawyer. Highway accidents tend to result in serious injuries owing to the involved vehicles’ high rate of speed. Collisions and rollovers may be unavoidable when a vehicle goes out of control or is forced to take evasive action due to a negligent driver on the road. There are countless scenarios in which responsible motorists are severely injured in accidents through no fault of their own. Catastrophic injuries require extensive treatment and the associated costs can be prohibitive, even if one carries auto and health insurance. And not all highway accidents are caused by other drivers. Talk to our highway accident lawyer in Salt Lake City, UT to discuss your case at no charge and discover your legal options for obtaining compensation from the liable party or parties.

Driver Liability

If a negligent driver caused a highway accident in Salt Lake City, UT that resulted in injuries to you or your family members, you may benefit from hiring a lawyer from Rasmussen & Miner who focuses on cases like yours. Without a seasoned lawyer by your side, the at-fault party’s auto insurance carrier is likely to offer a subpar settlement, with the thought that you will accept less than fair compensation for your damages. Our highway accident lawyer is adept at negotiating with insurance carriers in the wake of collisions in the Salt Lake City, UT area. As a result, many of our clients have received significantly higher settlements than they would have if they represented themselves. Schedule a complimentary consultation to learn the value of your damage claim for your injuries.

Government Agency Liability

As mentioned, not all auto accidents are caused by drivers. In some instances, a highway accident may be caused due to debris on the roadway, or by persons throwing objects at passing vehicles. In cases where the government agency did not uphold their responsibility to maintain a safe roadway, they can be held responsible for damages. Our highway accident lawyer is licensed to pursue litigation against Salt Lake City, UT municipalities or other government agencies who do not uphold their duty of care in maintaining safe road conditions. Contact us to learn more.

Multi-Party Liability

Because highways are often dense with traffic, a “simple” accident is rarely simple in that what is initially a two-car collision can quickly escalate to a multiple-vehicle accident. The resulting aftermath and chaos make it challenging to determine who should be held liable for what damages. So many variables must be considered such as the speeds of the vehicles involved, negligence of one or more drivers who may have been distracted at the time, etc. Should our car accident lawyer in Salt Lake City, UT take your case, the accident will be analyzed and any parties who should be held liable will be held responsible for your damages.

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