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Medical Malpractice Claims for Birth Injuries and Infant Death

Six to eight of every 1,000 newborns suffer a birth injury involving tissue damage, hemorrhage Birth Injury Lawyer Salt Lake City UT or fractures, or a brain injury from hypoxia (lack of oxygen). Much of this injury is caused by the natural forces of compression and contraction of the birthing process, but the use of tools to help during delivery—forceps and suction—is also a significant contributor to injuries.

As many as half of these infant injuries could be avoided, according to researchers, if medical professionals were alert to the risk factors:

  • An infant with a large head circumference and a mother with a small pelvis;
  • Breech position;
  • Prolonged or very rapid labor, which can be the case when too much pitocin is given to start labor;
  • Fetal distress apparent on the fetal monitor.

Although c-sections and monitoring are options, every year infants suffer injury and parents experience the heartbreak of losing a child because doctors and delivery room staff failed to act properly when need.

At Rasmussen & Miner, our medical malpractice attorneys are dedicated to helping grieving parents find an answer to their most pressing question: “Why did this happen to my child?”

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Why You Need an Experienced Birth Injury Attorney To Represent You

There are no guarantees in life. Pregnancy and child birth are dangerous times for mothers and developing babies, even when good medical care is available. Distinguishing unavoidable problems from those caused by negligence is a delicate task that requires the help of medical experts.

At Rasmussen & Miner we work with obstetrical experts from around the nation as we build a case for financial recovery. Some cases we’ve handled include:

  • Failure to monitor the infant during the birthing process;
  • Failure to identify medical conditions in the mother during pregnancy, such as gestational diabetes (contributing to oversized infants);
  • Brain damage, brain hemorrhage, or skull fracture from too strong contractions caused by pitocin overdose;
  • Birth asphyxia;
  • Erb’s palsy;
  • Shoulder dystocia;
  • Cerebral palsy.

At Rasmussen & Miner we understand that this is not just a court case, this is your life. We are dedicated to protecting your rights to financial recovery. Call (801)363-8500 or contact our Salt Lake City law office to schedule a free consultation.