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Baby Birth Injuries: An Accident Or Medical Negligence?

“For to us a child is born, to us a son (or daughter) is given…”  Isaiah 9:6 

The birth of a child whether heralded by Biblical prophecy or the excited call from a proud father or mother, is a time brand new parents never forget.  The birth process is, likewise, unforgettable.  Mothers love recounting to their children what happened on their birthday.  Were they born quickly?  How difficult was the delivery?  How did dad react?  Usually these tales are recounted as charming memories.  The children were born healthy, they thrived, developed normally.  The birth process is a beautiful memory.

On rare occasions however, the birth process is anything but a pleasant memory.  These parents recall a frightening birth process.  Their child was born practically lifeless, whisked away for emergent resuscitation, followed by an extended time in a newborn intensive care unit.  These children are taken home with a “wait and see” prognosis.  Parents want to believe that their children will be fine or that they can, through loving efforts, make them normal.  These parents inevitably look back on that frightening birthday and wonder:  Was my child needlessly harmed by the birth process? Is my child normal?  Am I too late to do anything?

Birth injuries can and do occur with appropriate medical care; however, determining what is appropriate medical treatment is highly technical.  Physicians are almost never critical of other medical providers.  Physicians generally maintain that they cannot tell whether a child’s problems are attributable to the birth process.  Furthermore, they are overly optimistic as to how therapy can improve the ultimate outcome.  Parents naturally fear any problem a child has that cannot be improved, and will like their child, outlive them.

Responsible parents will give their child all the resources and tools possible to support and protect them throughout their lives.  If a medical provider’s negligent care is responsible for the future challenges of their child, parents should seek support from the medical provider’s liability insurance.

The law firm of Rasmussen & Miner has decades of experience in counselling and guiding parents in either bringing malpractice actions against medical providers for birth injuries, or providing the peace of mind that medical negligence was not responsible for their child’s problems.  Rasmussen & Miner provides medical and legal review of birth injury cases free of charge.  Utah malpractice law gives parents an extended time to bring birth injury actions.  Call and make an appointment today.