What Can a Birth Injury Lawyer in Salt Lake City UT Do for Me?

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What Can a Birth Injury Lawyer in Salt Lake City UT Do for Me?

A birth injury lawyer can often help pursue justice for families that have been affected by preventable birth injuries. If you have been a victim of a birth injury, it might be time to speak with a birth injury lawyer. Call ​​Rasmussen & Miner today to set up a consultation with a birth injury lawyer. 

Generally, birth injuries fall under a specific area of personal injury law and they are unlike other injuries like the ones caused by a car accident. The difference between those types of injuries is that birth injuries may not be apparent until months or years after birth. It’s important to note that traumatic birth injuries are preventable when proper medical care is involved. 

If there was any negligence on the behalf of medical professionals or a hospital that could have been the result of the birth injury then that is when a birth injury lawyer can become extremely important to you and your family. Parents don’t expect childbirth to harm their baby and it’s the last thing they want to be worried about. While some birth injuries can be mild, others can leave children disabled for the rest of their lives. 

What are some of the ways a birth injury lawyer can help you with:

  • Building your case against the doctors or nurses who delivered your child. 
  • Filing the case within the appropriate court of law.
  • Gathering supporting evidence (witness testimonies, medical records, etc.)
  • Helping families receive financial compensation.

Birth injury lawyers can help you and your family receive the compensation that is needed to cover lifelong medical costs for a child’s birth injury treatment. Oftentimes, birth injury cases can award millions of dollars to those families that are suffering from the effects of severe birth injuries.

Medical professionals have years and sometimes decades of experience and education on how to deliver babies. They should know how to safely prevent birth injuries or the dangerous conditions that may cause them. Unfortunately, health care professionals make mistakes, especially preventable mistakes that can cause birth injuries. If that is the case, this could be considered medical malpractice.

Hiring a birth injury lawyer will assist you in proving that there was negligence from the doctor, nurses, hospital, or all of the above. A lawyer will be able to guide you through all the elements of proof you will need to establish that the defendant is responsible for the birth injury, along with helping you collect the evidence to build a strong case. A birth injury lawyer is skilled in this practice area and will know how to navigate the civil justice system to get justice for you and your family. 

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