John Shepherd

I STRONGLY recommend Robert C. Miner to be your Attorney. I did a lot of research and worried a ton about the decision of whom to retain because of sheer number of options, however I could not be any happier that I chose Robert. The very first time we met in person, he spent a great deal of time reviewing my case and my options even as he instructed me to keep doing research if I wasn’t sure if he was the right choice. let me tell you , HE WAS THE RIGHT CHOICE!!! very responsive, nice, humorous and extremely intelligent and well versed in the law. experience matters and with Robert C Miner, you have that. He kept me up to date with what was going on, he did not sugar coat anything and I can positively say he tried his hardest to get the best outcome. Mr. Miner got all my charges dismissed and I know that may not be possible for every single case but he will for sure get THE BEST POSSIBLE OUTCOME.

Miguel Esparza

I was in a really tough spot, but my boy Rob literally brought me back from the dead. My legal disputes had created a tough tunnel to dig my way out of, but I was referred to Rob by my closest person to help power through what laid ahead and bring me back to the top of the legal surface. My guy is a wizard, and an absolute champion. He wasn’t a shiny suit and an attitude. His availability was as wide as the day is long, and above all, he is on my top 3 most respectful people that I have ever met. He never ignored my phone calls, no matter the time; and if he was involved in businessother than mine, he kindly returned my calls back or left me messages if I was not available. Burdens upon burdens have been released from my conscience and stress is down to 0, thanks to this hell of a guy. Very humble, very reliable, and very pleasant to help in the eyes of justice. After all, if you are stuck deep down in a spot under a lot of darkness or stress and pressure, who in their right mind wouldn’t call….The Miner?!!!

*On a serious note:
I’d seriously like to take the time to thank Robert for all of his hard work and dedication to be victorious throughout my entire case. Thanks a million Rob, your THE MAN, THE MYTH, THE LEGEND…..THE IRON MINER!????


When I reached out to Mr. Miner, I was devastated at what I was experiencing. He was so kind and compassionate. I had reached out to a few other attorneys and felt that Robert Miner was the best fit for me and I am SO happy I made this choice. Not only did he communicate every step of the process, he did so in a way that made me feel comfortable and less anxious. His knowledge of the legal system is top notch and he was able to get me the best possible outcome. He was willing to go to the mat for me when I really needed someone in my corner. I would highly recommend Robert Miner to anyone needing an attorney.

The Real Deal…

Rob and Gus handled my case w/ City of South Jordan and gave me outstanding results. I got 4 charges rapped up in 24 hours, 1 of which was a DUI. He got the DUI dropped to reckless driving and the 3 misdemeanor’s dropped. He came to visit me at jail. The judge was smiling and told me specifically that I got a great deal. These guys know there stuff and would trust them with any type of case. I’m so lucky I found these 2 fine gentlemen. They pulled out all the stops and came to a quick resolution. Rob and Gus have made a huge impact in my life, I got 2 lawyers for the price of 1! They have very high ethics and standards and got me great results.

When it was all said and done the City owed me money from my bail and Gus got my fines reduced!

Thank you very much!

I needed a criminal defense attorney in a FEDERAL CASE… This was the best call I made!

After calling a number of “criminal defense” attorneys I was frustrated and scared. Every attorney I had spoken to seemed callous and unsympathetic towards my situation. Then I called Rob. After a brief phone conversation I knew this man had decades of experience. He was calm and direct. He let me know what to expect. I felt confident in that he could help me, and help me, he did. What made me feel the most confident was he knew the system, he knew the law, he knew members of the court, the judges and the FBI investigators. He persuaded the judge to ZERO jail time and I was able to go home to my family. It’s been a few months and I just had a follow up meeting with one of the FBI investigators. When the meeting was over the FBI investigator turned to leave and said to me “By the way, your attorney kicked the governments butt in court. He was very persuasive with the judge that day. Had we been in Los Angeles (where this agent worked before) you would have easily done time.”
The agent left right after and I immediately called Rob and told him of all the compliments I could have given him for keeping me out of prison, all the information and peace of mind he provided throughout the ordeal. The best one came from the investigator trying to prosecute me.
I wanted to post a review about him because if you are facing trouble that requires an attorney… DON’T make a decision without speaking to Rob first, it may very well be the reason you get to spend time with your family and not in prison.

Very happy with his representation

I have used Robert twice and both times have been very happy with his performance, knowledge and professionalism. Both cases that he represented me in I was very pleased with outcome. He was understanding and represented my case very well. You get what you pay for and even though he was more expensive than other attournies I have checked into, he was worth every penny. I would definetly recommend him!