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Hospital Negligence Lawyer Salt Lake City UTHospital negligence occurs when an employee of a hospital, or medical center, causes harm to a patient through negligent act, omission, or mistake. Determining whether it was a doctor or the hospital who is responsible can be difficult, and should only be attempted with a good hospital negligence lawyer from Rasmussen & Miner in Salt Lake City, UT on your side.

Someone looking for a hospital negligence lawyer Salt Lake City UT has to offer may already know that medical injuries involving negligence can be very complicated. When an injury occurs due to the negligence of staff at a professional medical facility, such as a hospital, the effects can be catastrophic.

There are several details that could change the credibility of a medical malpractice claim, as an experienced hospital negligence lawyer Salt Lake City UT can provide might attest. There is typically a certain amount of risk involved in nearly any medical procedure or treatment; medical staff in a hospital can rarely give patients concrete promises that a procedure will be completed without any errors. Patients may even be asked to sign agreement forms or waivers to acknowledge the risks involved in a procedure or treatment.

However, there are some cases where patients are injured because a medical professional did not exhibit a reasonable standard of care. There are a few elements that must be present in a credible malpractice case:

  • There must be an official patient-doctor relationship
  • The amount of care provided by the doctor falls below the accepted standard of care in that particular condition; i.e., a doctor’s negligence could have been prevented or mitigated with a reasonable amount of care
  • This negligence is what caused harm to a patient
  • The harm resulted in a quantifiable injury

Medical malpractice cases can result in substantial damages for the injured patient, but these types of personal injury claims can be very difficult to prove. Hospital malpractice cases can be even more complicated, as a seasoned hospital negligence lawyer Salt Lake City UT has to offer might explain. This is because liability is not always clear when a doctor in a hospital makes a mistake.

Hospital Negligence and Liability

Hospital negligence, in particular, can become very complicated simply because of the liability issues that may arise. Some hospitals do not directly employ doctors. Instead, they have agreements between doctors as independent contractors, or they have agreements with other medical offices that directly employ doctors.

As an experienced Salt Lake City UT hospital negligence lawyer might attest, this complex web of contractual employees can make it difficult to collect damages because it can skew the lines of who should be held liable. The most important point in these cases is that the hospital itself might not be liable when a contract doctor makes a mistake. However, it may be possible to collect damages from the doctor or from the firm that employs the doctor.

Alternatively, certain situations involving negligence may justify seeking compensation from the hospital. If a hospital gives practicing privileges to a doctor who is not competent, for example, the hospital might be responsible if that doctor is negligent and harms a patient. These situations depend on many individual factors and it is important to talk with a hospital negligence lawyer in Salt Lake City UT to determine which party or parties may be liable in your case.

Very Rarely Can A Hospital Be Held For Negligence On Part of the Doctor

If the doctor was negligence, there is a good chance that the hospital will not be held liable. In most cases, the doctor is not employed by the hospital; rather, they have admitting privileges and work as an independent contractor.

If the doctor was an employee of the hospital, the facility could be held liable. Determining whether or not this is true will require research and investigation by a hospital negligence lawyer from the Salt Lake City, Utah area.

Elements of a Hospital Negligence Case

In order for your case to be valid, the following must be demonstrated:

  1. The hospital owed you a standard of care and this care was violated.
  2. You were harmed or injured because of the violation.
  3. You suffered significant damages because of the violation made by the hospital.

Examples of Hospital Negligence

Employee Negligence

Nurses, technicians, and other staff are typically employed by the hospital. If a hospital employee was doing their job and caused injury to the patient, the hospital could be liable. An experienced hospital negligence lawyer from Salt Lake City, UT have seen incidents including:

  • Failing to order tests
  • Failure to diagnose
  • Misreading lab tests
  • Performing unnecessary surgery
  • Surgical errors
  • Poor follow up care
  • Early discharge
  • Not taking the patient seriously
  • Disregarding the patient’s’ history
  • Failure to recognize symptoms of a condition

Improper Hiring

A hospital could be held liable for negligence if it failed to make reasonable inquiring during the hiring process of staff. This may include keeping an individual on staff even when the hospital knew they were untrained or incompetent.

Inadequate Staffing

A hospital has a duty to ensure there is enough medical staff on hand, at all times to ensure quality care. If the facility is understaffed, and a patient was harmed because of this, they may be liable.

Apparent Agency

In general, hospitals will inform patients on the admission forms that the doctor is not their employee. If you believed the doctor was an employee of the hospital, the facility could be liable.

Contact a Top Local Hospital Negligence Lawyer Salt Lake City UT Can Provide

Proving a hospital was negligent can be difficult. If you believe some kind of medical malpractice occurred, but you don’t know what, the first thing that will need to be determined is who is liable: the doctor, the facility, employees, a manufacturer, or a combination of any of the aforementioned.

If you believe your injuries were the result of negligence in a hospital, you should consult a trusted Salt Lake City, UT hospital negligence lawyer for further advice.

At Rasmussen & Miner, our Salt Lake City, UT hospital negligence lawyers  have the necessary knowledge, experience, and resources to investigate your case and determine whether or not you can recover damages.

If you or someone you love has been injured in a hospital due to the negligence of a care provider, you may be able to claim damages in a personal injury lawsuit or settlement. At Rasmussen & Miner, our attorneys are skilled at providing legal counsel for local residents who have a credible medical malpractice claim. To find out more information about our law firm, or to talk with a top hospital negligence lawyer Salt Lake City UT trusts about your own case, contact us today.