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If you experienced harm, complications, or adverse results from medical treatment, you may wonder if you have a valid case for medical malpractice with a medical mistake lawyer in Salt Lake City, UT. This is an important consideration to make because a negative outcome alone is not enough. In order to have a valid medical malpractice case, you have to be able to prove that you came to harm as a result of a doctor’s mistake or inappropriate actions.

Medical Standard of Care

The medical standard of care is a benchmark by which your doctor’s performance may be measured, as a medical mistake lawyer in Salt Lake City, UT can explain. If your doctor’s actions were not consistent with what another physician of comparable education and skill would have done in the same situation, this represents a breach of the medical standard of care.

Expert Witnesses

Because it can be difficult for a layperson to establish a medical standard of care, it may be necessary to obtain testimony from an expert witness. In a medical malpractice case, an expert witness is typically a physician who practices in the same geographic area as your doctor and has extensive experience in treating your condition. However, bear in mind that it is possible for your doctor and his or her legal team to bring in their own expert witnesses. Therefore, having the testimony of an expert is not a guarantee of success.

Specific Damages

You must be able to demonstrate that you came to specific harm as a result of the doctor’s negligence or mistake, as a medical mistake lawyer in Salt Lake City, UT. can attest. Examples include the following:

  • Additional medical bills
  • Lost earning capacity and/or lost wages
  • Physical pain
  • Mental anguish

The former two types of harm are economic damages because you can calculate an actual dollar amount for each. The latter two are noneconomic damages. This is an important distinction because some states impose a cap on awards for noneconomic damages.

Cause and Effect

It is not enough to demonstrate to the court that your doctor breached the medical standard of care or that you came to harm as his or her patient. You have to establish a cause-and-effect relationship between the breach and the harm you suffered.


For example, postoperative infection is not proof of malpractice in itself. There is always a risk for infection following a surgical procedure. However, if you can prove that the surgical staff failed to perform proper sterilization before the procedure and therefore operated with contaminated instruments, you may be able to make the case that the infection would not have occurred if the surgical team had not breached the standard of care.

Proving medical malpractice can be difficult, especially for a layperson. As a medical mistake lawyer in Salt Lake City, UT, we would be happy to shoulder the burden of handling your malpractice case for you. Contact medical mistake or hospital malpractice lawyer in Salt Lake City, UT Rasmussen & Miner today to arrange a consultation.