Why Is Having a Personal Injury Lawyer Important?

Here’s something to think about. What would you do if you got seriously hurt in a car accident or slip and fall accident tomorrow? What would you do if your surgeon botched an operation, leaving you with permanent disfigurement or loss of function? What would you do if a dog bit you? Would you consult a personal injury lawyer or not?

personal injury lawyer

Your answer probably depends on a couple of things. One is how you feel about lawyers in general. The other is whether or not you think you could afford one.  But in all seriousness, hiring a personal injury attorney usually pays off. Keep reading to find out why having one is important.

Experience matters

In California, for example, there is nothing precluding you from representing yourself in a personal injury case. In fact, that may be an option if you aren’t badly hurt and you don’t mind doing your own legal research. It may also be an option if you are concerned about legal fees. 

Keep in mind, however, that you won’t be suing the defendant directly. Instead, you will be suing his or her insurance company. And insurance companies have experienced attorneys dedicated to personal injury litigation. 

Hiring your own lawyer levels the playing field.  Clearly, he or she will be familiar with relevant laws. Just as importantly, he or she will know all of the tricks insurance companies use to minimize their losses.  He or she will also be dedicated to securing the best possible outcome for you, while the insurance company is focused on the bottom line. 

Hiring a personal injury attorney allows you to concentrate on your recovery

If you have been seriously injured in an accident caused by someone else, a personal injury attorney and his or her team will do the “heavy lifting” associated with your case. Depending on the circumstances, they will do additional investigation necessary to build a successful case. This may include gathering additional documents, interviewing witnesses and consulting experts, who may also testify at trial.

Your personal injury lawyer will also draft and file all necessary legal documents. As necessary, he or she will respond to filings and requests for information from the defendant’s attorney and/or insurance company.  

Finally, he or she will try to negotiate the best possible settlement to avoid going to trial. If the matter does go to trial, your lawyer will present evidence and call witnesses to prove your claim.

Hopefully, this will give you much-needed peace of mind during your recovery. With that, you can concentrate on getting better, getting back to work, and being with your family.

A good personal injury lawyer is your best advocate

In addition to doing everything we have detailed, the best personal injury lawyers understand that each client and each case is different. More importantly, they act accordingly.  Specifically, they pay close attention to each client’s unique concerns and needs. 

By listening carefully, and understanding your perspective, a good personal injury attorney can: 

  • Help you understand difficult legal concepts
  • Help you understand your legal options
  • Help ease your fear or anxiety
  • Help you explore different options for resolution of your case, such as mediation or arbitration

As  the lawyers at the Law Office of Parag L. Amin, P.C. can explain, experienced attorneys should understand that recovering from a personal injury accident is a long, difficult process. The lawyers who represent you should also believe that they play an important part in each client’s financial, emotional and physical recovery by providing the best possible legal representation and advocacy.  



1. A personal injury lawyer will typically:

A) Conduct additional investigation as needed

B) Refuse to file necessary legal documents

C) Refuse to respond to requests from the defendant’s lawyer or insurance company

2. In most cases personal injury lawyer will

A) Try to negotiate a fair settlement to avoid litigation

B) Represent you at trial

C) A and B

3. A personal injury lawyer can: 

A) Help you understand your legal options

B) Help you explore options for resolution of your case

C) A and B