Erb’s Palsy: Understanding Birth Related Medical Malpractice

Erb's Palsy

Birth related medical malpractice is devastating for the family that’s eagerly awaiting the arrival of their newest member. Erb’s Palsy that occurs during birth is a condition that often happens due to the negligence of the nurses and doctors attending to the birth and the mother. Erb’s Palsy is a disorder of the arm and is caused when damage occurs to nerves in the shoulder. This damage leads to loss of function in the adjoining arm: technically, complete or partial paralysis. Here is a closer look at what parents need to know if their baby suffers from Erb’s Palsy due to medical malpractice.

Understanding Erb’s Palsy

Erb’s Palsy renders a person’s arm useless due to the damage of the brachial plexus, which is the term that refers to the nerves that connect the baby’s shoulder to the spine. In almost all occurrences of birth related Erb’s Palsy, the cause is generally due to the fact that the baby is too large to be delivered normally. Because the attending OB-GYN did not suggest a caesarian section to deliver the baby safely, the mother and child’s health have been effected. In other instances, there are outside factors may have played a role, such a baby that has been pulled from the birth canal.

While Erb’s Palsy mostly occurs at birth, there are some factors that can also lead to it in later life. Some of the causes of Erb’s Palsy during childhood or adulthood include a gunshot to the shoulder, a car accident, a fall directly on the shoulder or even a violent pull or jerk to the arm. But when raising a child with Erb’s policy, parents are facing the reality of needing ongoing medical care and the assistance to help support a child who is partially paralyzed and must learn to adapt without the function of an art.

Consulting an Experienced Malpractice Attorney

If your child is affected by Erb’s Palsy at childbirth, there is normally a statute of limitations that impacts your ability to file a claim. Contacting an experienced birth related medical malpractice attorney is the first step. Working with knowledgeable OB-GYN experts, the attorney will evaluate your case and determine if you may be eligible for compensation.

If you’re a Utah resident whose child suffers from Erb’s Palsy, contact Rasmussen and Miner today to arrange for a personalized consultation and learn more about whether you may have a viable claim.