Comparative Negligence Lawyer Salt Lake City UT

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Comparative Negligence Lawyer Salt Lake City UT

Comparative Negligence Lawyer Salt Lake City UT

Have you been involved in a car or motorcycle accident and need a comparative negligence lawyer Salt Lake City UT? Well, look no further, the law group at Rasmussen & Miner are here to help you.

When figuring out if you can receive compensation even if the accident was partially your fault can be confusing and complicated. Utah has a modified comparative negligence rule that means you can receive compensation even if the accident you were in was partially your fault, as long as you are less than 50% responsible for the accident. This can get complicated. 

Generally, with comparative negligence, a court will ask a judge or jury to find out what percent the plaintiff is liable for the accident. Utah is a modified comparative negligence state with a 50% at-fault bar, which means that if you are at least half at-fault for the accident then you won’t receive any compensation, however, if you were less than at-fault then you could receive a partial damage award offset by the percentage at-fault you were. If both parties involved are unable to agree on who was at fault then it is up to either a judge or jury to adjudicate the evidence and determine the percentage of at-fault. This can get complex, which is why if you believe that you might in a similar situation you should contact comparative negligence lawyer Salt Lake City UT. The attorneys at Rasmussen & Miner are highly experienced in this area of law. 

At Rasmussen & Miner, we are here to make the complex and complicate our job. We have experience with a variety of legal cases involving comparative negligence. We are well-versed in Utah’s laws and aim to work with you to make sense of those laws, and to help get the best possible outcome for your case. If you schedule a consultation today, our attorneys will review your case and provide you the legal advice and services that best fit you. 

It is important to speak with one of our attorneys so that you can better understand your legal options before you take any action. Unfortunately, car accidents and motorcycle accidents frequently occur, and being involved in one can become very overwhelming. That is why hiring a motorcycle accident lawyer Salt Lake City UT could help reduce the stress that comes with being involved in an accident, especially one that involves personal injuries. 

If you decide to seek compensation after your accident, our lawyers can offer you a free case review to provide you with a clearer picture of your legal options. That is why it is very important to call us at Rasmussen & Miner so you can schedule your complimentary consultation with our dedicated, experienced, and trustworthy lawyers. We want to make a difficult situation into something more manageable for you. 

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Being involved in an accident is never easy, especially when it involves comparative negligence. Don’t put more stress on yourself, reach out to a comparative negligence lawyer Salt Lake City, Utah. Call the law firm Rasmussen & Miner today for a consultation.