I needed a criminal defense attorney in a FEDERAL CASE… This was the best call I made!

After calling a number of "criminal defense" attorneys I was frustrated and scared. Every attorney I had spoken to seemed callous and unsympathetic towards my situation. Then I called Rob. After a brief phone conversation I knew this man had decades of experience. He was calm and direct. He let me know what to expect. I felt confident in that he could help me, and help me, he did. What made me feel the most confident was he knew the system, he knew the law, he knew members of the court, the judges and the FBI investigators. He persuaded the judge to ZERO jail time and I was able to go home to my family. It's been a few months and I just had a follow up meeting with one of the FBI investigators. When the meeting was over the FBI investigator turned to leave and said to me "By the way, your attorney kicked the governments butt in court. He was very persuasive with the judge that day. Had we been in Los Angeles (where this agent worked before) you would have easily done time." The agent left right after and I immediately called Rob and told him of all the compliments I could have given him for keeping me out of prison, all the information and peace of mind he provided throughout the ordeal. The best one came from the investigator trying to prosecute me. I wanted to post a review about him because if you are facing trouble that requires an attorney... DON'T make a decision without speaking to Rob first, it may very well be the reason you get to spend time with your family and not in prison.