Can a DUI Lawyer in Salt Lake City, UT Represent Me in Court?

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DUI Lawyer in Salt Lake City, UT

DUI lawyer in Salt Lake City, UT

Perhaps one of the scariest aspects about going to court for the average person, especially if you were going to court for a DUI, is that you don’t know what you don’t know. You don’t know what the legal system is going to look at when you go to court for a DUI, prosecutors, law enforcement officers and judges, they all have expertise. They all understand what they’re doing and they understand the consequences hanging in the balance, now you understand the consequences too, but if you’re by yourself you are going to be intimidated by the idea of going to court.

This is why a skilled and experienced DUI lawyer in Salt Lake City, UT can help you fight your battle. You don’t need to go in blind. Your DUI lawyer is going to know every step in the process. They are going to equip you and prepare you to go to court for your DUI, but this does not mean you should hire just 38 DUI defense lawyers that come to you and say: “Hey, I can do the job.”

You need to ask questions before you go to court. Here are some of these questions.

Have You Been Successful With Your Clients?

You want to learn whether the while you’re going to hire has a good track record with their clients. You also want to know if they specialize in handling cases that are like yours. Some follow-up questions for this specific question may focus on the percentage of the attorney’s cases that go to trial, when in court get dismissed or our bargain down to “wet reckless”. You want to learn how many years your potential lawyer has worked with DUI law, how many cases they have handled and how up-to-date they are on law changes.

What Should I Hold on To?

Your lawyer is probably going to ask you to retain all ticket citations papers and any kind of reports or records that the police gave you after your arrest. Keep these in a safe place, never record notes on them or alter them in any way. Some of these documents might be critical evidence used by your attorney to challenge your specific aspects of the procedure involving a rest.

What Are the Best and Worst-Case Scenarios I Can Expect in My Case?

No lawyer is going to be able to guarantee a verdict of innocence or a promise to avoid a bad outcome. Though you want to work with a lawyer who can offer you a functional understanding of the charges. The better you understand your charges, why you received your charges, and how you received them, is going to help you avoid charges like this in the future. They can also help you understand the range of outcomes they have acquired for clients and present previous cases that are very similar to yours. The lawyer may even be able to give you the most probable outcome as a goal. This means that they’re pretty confident they can get your specific case due to their experience with similar cases down to whatever your goal is. 

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