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Hospital Malpractice Lawyer Salt Lake City UT

hospital malpractice lawyer Salt Lake City UT

As a hospital malpractice lawyer in Salt Lake City, Utah knows, there are many cases of patients who suffer an injury or illness as a result of a hospital worker, hospital or other healthcare service provider’s negligence. Patients go to the hospital and expect to receive the highest quality of care. When this does not occur, it can worsen their existing health conditions or even put their life at risk. Luckily, patients who have been injured because of medical malpractice can look to a lawyer like one from Rasmussen & Miner, so that they can obtain legal guidance so that their damages can be compensated for. 

Hospital Malpractice Lawyer in Salt Lake City, UT

The legal team at Rasmussen & Miner specialize in many kinds of personal injury cases, including medical negligence. They have been practicing law for decades, so they have refined their approach to assisting clients and building exceptional arguments that result in fair settlements.  As one of Utah’s most trusted law firms, they have established themselves as one of the top law firms within the Salt Lake City, Utah community. If you are in need of a skilled lawyer who will aggressively go after the responsible party for your injury, look to the team at Rasmussen & Miner. 

The Impact of Hospital Malpractice

Hospital malpractice has the potential to completely ruin a life – but fortunately, you can count on a hospital malpractice lawyer in Salt Lake City, Utah to help you get the compensation and closure you need to move past any abuse or mistreatment you suffered at the hands of unprepared, poorly-equipped, or neglectful medical personnel.

Hospital malpractice is more than just medically harmful. It’s a betrayal of the trust that you placed in the doctors, nurses, and technicians who were supposed to help. Hospital malpractice can be frustrating at its most minor, and life-threatening or even fatal at its worst. If you or a loved one has experienced hospital malpractice, you should reach out to a qualified lawyer from Rasmussen & Miner.

But how do you hire a hospital malpractice lawyer, and do you know if you’re getting in touch with the best legal professional for your needs? Read on to learn more about how you should approach your hospital malpractice case, and see how Rasmussen & Miner can help.

Is Your Case Still Relevant?

Hospital malpractice claims take all shapes and sizes, and no two cases are alike. It’s important to get all the details as possible of your care (or lack thereof) when you’re trying to build your case, but it’s also important to act in a timely fashion. If you’ve suffered mistreatment at a hospital, you shouldn’t hesitate. There are many unfortunate examples of people choosing to file a lawsuit, only to find out that too much time has passed since their treatment and their decision to pursue legal damages.

This is called the statute of limitations. The statute of limitations prevents people from digging up cases from decades ago to seek damages, but it can negatively affect you if you’re hesitant about pursuing legal action. If you wait more than a few years before choosing to file a lawsuit, your opportunity may have already slipped through your fingers. 

Did You Try Any Other Options?

You may not expect to hear this from a hospital malpractice lawyer in Salt Lake City, UT, but filing a lawsuit should be your final option. If you reach out to the hospital that was responsible for your mistreatment, it’s entirely possible to reach an agreement without resorting to a lawsuit. It also has the added benefit of making you look like you’re not just jumping to a legal option as soon as possible.

If you and your hospital fail to reach an agreement – or if they avoid dealing with you altogether – you can file a complaint with the state licensing board. And if that doesn’t work, you’ve proven that you expended every other option to set things right. With no other options on the table, it’s time to contact a lawyer.

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When you look for a hospital malpractice lawyer, you want to get in touch with legal professionals who have plenty of experience. And of course, you’ll want to reach out to a legal team that will offer personalized case management and a free consultation – without treating you like just another paycheck.

Fortunately, at Rasmussen & Miner, we understand your pain, and we understand that you need the best legal help possible to get your life back on track. Get in touch with Rasmussen & Miner today, and see how a qualified hospital malpractice lawyer in Salt Lake City, UT can help.

Malpractice in the Delivery Room

The birth of your child should be the most magic moment of your life, but if incompetent medical staff injure you or your baby, you should contact a hospital malpractice lawyer Salt Lake City UT trusts as soon as possible.

A new life is fragile, but there are some instances in which your medical care providers will need to get a little more involved in your child’s delivery. Read on to learn more about forceps deliveries, and see how you can get compensation if you or your child have suffered at the hands of delivery room staff.

  • Forceps are a common delivery room tool.

You may have seen them before, or heard of them. Forceps are basically oversized salad tongs that doctors can use to assist your baby if he or she is having a little trouble leaving the birth canal. The forceps fit around your baby’s head, and your doctor pulls gently and in time with your contractions.

  • Forceps are generally safe to use.

They’re a common tool because they’re effective, and in the right hands they shouldn’t cause any serious problems. In fact, there are some types of forceps that are set up more like suction cups that use a gentle vacuum to further reduce the risk of injury to your child.

  • Untrained or unprepared personnel can hurt your child.

While forceps can be a useful tool in the delivery room, like all tools there’s a proper time and place for their use. As a Salt Lake City hospital malpractice lawyer from our office can explain, if a doctor or other delivery room personnel fails to use their forceps safely and properly, your child can be injured in the very first moments of his or her life outside of the womb.

  • Some forceps injuries can be very serious.

Forceps injuries are most commonly bruises or scratches, but in other cases they can be much more severe. There’s a very real risk of eye damage when an untrained medical professional misuses forceps, and if he or she uses them with too much force, your child may even suffer skull fractures or seizures.

  • The right hospital malpractice lawyer can help.

Hurting your child is inexcusable, especially if it’s in the first few moments of his or her life. Forceps may be a relatively simple tool, but they can cause serious injury that your child may potentially never recover from. While forceps are effective in the right hands, if they caused an injury to you or your child, the responsible party should be held accountable for those injuries, and you deserve compensation. The right lawyer can investigate your case.



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Don’t let your child suffer any more than he or she already has. Get in touch with a qualified hospital malpractice lawyer, and get started on the road to justice, closure, and compensation.

When you contact a lawyer, you’re getting a legal advocate who can help you get much-needed compensation that can help pay for the injuries you and your child experienced – and you’re also taking a step towards ensuring those injuries don’t happen to anyone else. Contact a Salt Lake City hospital malpractice lawyer from Rasmussen & Miner today.

Types of Hospital Malpractice Cases

Cases of medical malpractice number in the hundreds of thousands in the United States each year. As a hospital malpractice lawyer in Salt Lake City, UT can explain, there are many types of medical malpractice cases, ranging from medication errors to misdiagnoses of diseases and health conditions.  Common hospital malpractice cases include the following: 

  • Failure to provide treatment or follow up care
  • Misdiagnosis of medical condition
  • Prescription errors
  • Surgical errors 
  • Misinterpretation of lab results
  • Failure to provide recommendation to specialist 

Who Can I Sue for Medical Negligence?

It is not just medical professionals and hospitals who patients can sue for negligence. Patients can file medical malpractice claims against a wide range of healthcare professionals and providers, including dentists, occupational therapists, physical therapists, outpatient service centers, pharmacists and chiropractic clinics. 

Why Medical Malpractice Cases Are Challenging to Win

As one of the most complex personal injury cases to take on, even the most skilled and experienced lawyers are selective about which medical malpractice claims they choose to work on. The intricacy of the case, difficulty in proving negligence, strength of the hospital’s own legal team, and high costs are all important factors that a lawyer evaluates before assisting clients with medical malpractice claims. 

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No one should get away with causing you or your loved one serious injury. Trusted institutions such as hospitals should be held accountable to the fullest extent. By working with an experienced and highly trusted legal team, like one from Rasmussen & Miner, you can obtain the justice you rightfully deserve. We can assist you through every aspect of your case. You deserve to receive full compensation for your damages. Call our law firm today for urgent legal guidance.

Hospital Malpractice FAQs

If you or a loved one have experienced harm or negligence from a medical professional, it would be in your best interest to contact a hospital malpractice lawyer in Salt Lake City, UT today, and start your journey toward justice and compensation. 

What is considered medical malpractice?

Medical malpractice is when an individual experiences unnecessary pain, treatment, lack of care, negligence, or abuse at the hands of a medical professional.  Examples of medical malpractice in a hospital include the misdiagnosis of a patient’s medical condition, prescription and surgical errors, misinterpretation of lab results, failure to treat or recommend specialists, and withholding of care from the patient. Patients may also experience unnecessary complications following medical negligence or abuse from a medical professional. If a baby is injured during birth from a poor forceps operation, the parents should contact a Salt Lake City hospital malpractice lawyer as soon as possible. 

Where does medical malpractice take place?

Medical malpractice can, unfortunately, take place anywhere medical professionals work. Often times this occurs in a hospital, but it can also take place in nursing homes, outpatient centers, chiropractic offices, and in the patient’s own home. 

How can a hospital malpractice lawyer help with your case?

Not only will hospital malpractice lawyers, such as those at Rasmussen & Miner provide clients with an initial free consultation, but they will also be with their clients every step of the legal process. Medical malpractice can greatly harm a patient, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Experienced attorneys understand this, and will strive towards creating a positive, and thoughtful legal experience as they help clients pursue justice and compensation. A malpractice lawyer advocates on behalf of their clients, collecting the proper documentation, and working towards the compensation their clients rightfully deserve. 

What steps should I take following a malpractice event?

In the event of harm or negligence have occurred by a medical professional, the patient should contact a malpractice lawyer as soon as possible. By sharing their experience with an attorney, documenting the malpractice, and collecting evidence, the victim ensures they have everything they need for their case and can proceed to the next step. At Rasmussen & Miner, clients receive a free consult with an experienced medical malpractice lawyer. Following the consultation, the attorney will advise the client on what they think would be the best course of action in pursuing justice and compensation. 

Will every medical malpractice case go to trial?

The short answer is no, not every medical or hospital malpractice case will go to trial. Most individuals may be surprised to hear that lawsuits should be a client’s final option. Many malpractice attorneys counsel their clients to pursue other means of justice and compensation first before filing an official lawsuit that may result in a trial. For example, if medical malpractice has occurred in a hospital, the client should contact the hospital responsible, or have their attorney contact the hospital on their behalf. Sometimes an agreement can be reached with the hospital at fault directly, rather than filing a lawsuit. If the hospital is not willing to cooperate or communicate, the client has made steps toward settlement instead of rushing to a legal option for a solution. Contact a Salt Lake City hospital malpractice lawyer today to schedule a risk-free consultation today and fight for fair compensation, accountability, and justice.