Should I hire a truck accident lawyer in Salt Lake City UT?

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Should I hire a truck accident lawyer in Salt Lake City UT?

Should I hire a truck accident lawyer in Salt Lake City UT?

When you are in a truck crash, you are more likely to face serious injuries, medical bills that are expensive, and potentially extended periods of time away from work or even your family. A lawyer can help you get compensation for those losses, so that you can get back on your feet.

If this is your first time dealing with the legal system, you’re going to have questions. And even if it’s not your first time dealing with the legal system, if it is your first time dealing with the system as it pertains to truck accident law and Highway law you’re going to have questions.

 You should be able to ask these questions to any truck accident lawyer in Salt Lake City, Utah that you were considering hiring.

Who is responsible for my crash?

When asking who is responsible for your crash, your lawyer may not be able to give you an answer right away. That’s okay. There are a lot of laws out there that involve liability. Legal liability is a deciding factor in being at fault for an accident.

Because of the legal doctrine of vicarious liability the driver’s employer may be responsible, the driver may be responsible, and the person that got into an accident could be found to be responsible as well.

 Your lawyer is going to conduct a thorough investigation and hopes of clearing up any liability questions. They’re going to want to be able to give you a direct answer as to who the judge is most likely to find liable and at fault.

What damages can I recover?

Your damages are going to be monetary losses, such as medical bills, car repair, lost wages from work, and emotional distress. Not everything is as simple as taking on a money value, especially in cases of emotional distress. When it comes to emotional distress, your lawyer can give you an estimate, but it’s really up to the courts to decide oh, and if it does not go to court, it’s up to the insurance company to settle for what you’re asking.

Have you worked on truck crash cases before?

In a truck crash there’s a lot of extra evidence that you were going to need to prove who is responsible. You might need to see the driver’s rest logs, the maintenance history of the truck, and other data pertaining to the company the driver works for that might be pertinent to your case.

Federal Law requires that every trucking company is recording this data, but to access this data you are going to need the help of a truck accident lawyer. They are going to understand how to request and interpret information from the trucking company. This information could make or break your case.

How about you get me compensation?

Most lawyers are going to try to get you a financial settlement by filing an insurance claim with the trucking company’s provider. And in rare cases you are actually going to be suing the driver of the truck. Your lawyer is going to know how to differentiate between the company or the driver in your case, and they are going to know how to argue your case directly with the insurance company and how to request an out-of-court settlement to pay for your injuries.  At Rasmussen & Miner, we have professionals who have years of experience in truck accidents.