Criminal Law and Shoplifting

Criminal Law and Shoplifting

People shoplift for many reasons, many children and teens do it to seem cooler or simply because they want to. There are adults who do it because of the same reason, or because of a financial burden. Either way shoplifting is illegal no matter what your situation is at the time.

Every store, city, or state have their own rules and regulations when it comes to punishment for shoplifting. There are some cases where an individual may get away with it and simply be prohibited to shop at that business again. There are other narratives where an individual will be placed under arrest. While these temporary satisfactions or sometimes urgent matters occur, the most obvious thing is that if you are shoplifting jail is the last place you want to be. Even more so, an attorney is the last thing you would like to pay for to assist you with avoiding jail time.

Shoplifting is so common that businesses and their employees are trained to look out for a specific activity in their facilities. Many people place items under grocery carts and scan items on the inside of the car hoping that no one notices the items on the bottom. Some people place items in their bags or their clothing and try to leave the store without being seen or searched. Most stores have sensors in the entrances and exits that help them determine what item was not properly scanned or purchased.

Shoplifting charges vary from state to state, so their punishment also varies. In most cases, depending on the item that was stolen shoplifting is seen as a misdemeanor. Misdemeanors are punishable for up to a year in jail. This means a year away from your regular life, family, job, or anything else.

No matter what the circumstances jail can be very inconvenient to anyone. At the very least, if you or someone you know has been arrested for shoplifting charge it is very unlikely that they were prepared to deal with police or other law enforcement, and were hoping not to face jail time or deal with attorney’s fees. The first choice is to avoid shoplifting entirely. Should you or your loved one be charged with shoplifting, be sure to contact a criminal defense attorney in Atlanta, GA to see what your legal options are. No matter the facts, having the proper defense helps you receive the best outcome in this situation.

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