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If you have recently been divorced, the court might have ordered one spouse to pay spousal support, or alimony, to the other. Whether you are seeking spousal support or would like to ask the court to enforce the order after your ex-spouse is not cooperating with the agreement, you should consult a family lawyer for spousal support. 

Can You Get Spousal Support After a Divorce

Whether or not spousal support (also known as spousal maintenance or alimony) is awarded, is a determination made by Agreement or by a judge at the time of divorce. In order to receive it, the Court will consider various factors to determine whether spousal support is appropriate, including the duration of time it may be needed, and to what extent. Additional factors that may be considered include:

  • The age of each party
  • The health of each party
  • The length of the marriage
  • Whether there are minor children
  • Who the children will be living with
  • Any exceptional expenses for the children
  • Whether the spouse seeking the support can eventually support them self
  • How long it will take before they can support themselves
  • The distribution of marital property

In order to establish a workable, practical, and fair spousal maintenance agreement, you should consult a family lawyer who understands how to navigate the legal criteria for spousal support, as well as, common nuances that may arise. To protect the rights of the client, and their interests, the right family lawyer can utilize their skills to convince a judge to deviate or not deviate from the standards of spousal support.

Protect Your Assets During a Divorce

A divorce can cause extreme financial strain, in addition to emotional distress. As a family lawyer, we know you might feel that you’re are facing a lot of uncertainty. We stand by you and will implement due diligence to allay any fears you may have about the future.  We also develop a legal framework that can protect your rights and secure your financial future. 

If you’re facing a high net worth divorce, or there are significant assets involved, you might expect further complications. If need be, we can turn to accountants, economists, valuators, and other independent professionals who can lend us their opinions. 

Temporary Spousal Maintenance

If your divorce has not yet been finalized, the court may order temporary support. This is not the same as final support and is determined by the statutory guidelines in the state. A judge will likely consider the standard formula to determine whether or not temporary support should be granted, and if so, the amount to be paid. 

Modifying Spousal Support

It is possible for the court to modify the spousal support amount of an Order or agreement. This begins with a petition filed by your family lawyer in Baltimore. The modification may request to increase or decrease the support based upon changes in ones’ circumstances. 



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