Gathering the Right Kind of Evidence After A Truck Accident

When you are hoping to file a claim after you were injured in a truck accident, one of the most important things you and your attorney will need to gather is evidence. Evidence for truck accident claims can come in many forms, including:
  • Drug and alcohol testing. In many circumstances, when truck drivers get into an accident they are required to take alcohol and drug tests to see if this could have contributed to the accident. This will be important information for your lawyer to gather.
  • Photographs of the scene. A picture can tell a thousand words. When you are at the scene of the accident, take pictures of your car, the truck, the road conditions, even your injuries. This can paint a detailed picture if you end up needing to take your case to court.
  • Electronic truck logs. Truck drivers must record how long they have been driving and it is very possible that your accident was caused by a driver who has been overworked and on the road for too long. These logs can provide evidence showing the driver was too tired when they were behind the wheel.
  • Police reports. When police are called to the scene, they will create a police report that will help to shed light on what happened during the accident. A truck accident lawyer in Salt Lake City, UT knows that this is one piece of evidence that can truly help your claim.
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