Medical Negligence Lawyer Salt Lake City UT

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Medical Negligence Lawyer Salt Lake City UT

Medical Negligence Lawyer Salt Lake City UT

There are many different types of medical errors that occur in Utah that result in harm to the patient, sometimes with devastating consequences. A medical negligence lawyer in Salt Lake City UT knows that one of the most common types of malpractice is medication errors.

All medications must be dispensed with safety and care in order to prevent from making any mistakes that could result in harm to a patient, yet these mistakes can and do happen.

How Do Medication Errors Occur?

There are all kinds of medication errors that can occur and all different people who can make them. The first thought of many people when a medication error occurs is that the error must have occurred at the pharmacy level, but the pharmacist or a pharmacy technician. While those types of errors do occur, it is also important to realize that there are other ways these dangerous incidents can occur.

The doctor who writes the prescription for the patient may not write in the correct dosage amount. This can definitely cause harm to the patient. If the patient is in a hospital or other facility, the nurse who administers the patient their medication may accidentally give the patient the incorrect amount or even the incorrect medication.

A Salt Lake City UT medical negligence lawyer knows that medication errors can also occur during the manufacturing of the medication because of contamination of ingredients or other issues. There may also be a defect in the medical device used to dispense the medication, such as an IV drip device, and this causes the patient to receive more than the prescribed amount they should have, resulting in serious injury or death.

Suing for Malpractice

According to national data, the most common types of medication errors are the following:

·        Giving a patient the incorrect medication

·        Giving a patient the incorrect dosage of medication

·        Giving a patient the incorrect form of medication (i.e., giving a pill form instead of liquid)

These reasons for medication error all result as an error committed by a medical professional and not the patient. Therefore, the patient may be able to file a malpractice lawsuit against the party or parties who were negligent in their care of the patient.

The patient may be able to pursue damages for all of the medical expenses the medication error caused, any loss of income if they were unable to work while they recovered or future income if they have been left permanently disabled. The patient can also pursue damages for pain and suffering, and a number of other losses they have endured. If the patient died as a result of the medication error, their family may be able to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit against those who were liable.

If you or a loved one suffered harm due to a medication error, contact Rasmussen & Miner to schedule a consultation with a dedicated Salt Lake City UT medical negligence lawyer and find out how we can help.