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Salt Lake City Medical Negligence Lawyer

When a mistake happens during a medical procedure and leads to pain and suffering, you may want to consult a medical negligence lawyer Salt Lake City UT has to offer. Enormous amounts of trust are placed in the hands of medical professionals who are meant to ease our pain and heal our ailments. Sometimes this trust becomes damaged after what should have been a routine procedure or treatment goes wrong.

If you’ve suffered from the negligence or wrongdoing of medical malpractice, Rasmussen & Miner is here for you. Through a free and confidential consultation, we can assess your claim and guide you through the legal process in a supportive, educated manner.

What is Medical Malpractice?

Medical malpractice goes beyond a small mistake made by a healthcare facility or medical professional. When you consult with a medical negligence lawyer Salt Lake City UT offers, he or she will review different elements to determine whether or not you’ve been affected by medical malpractice. To bring forth a medical malpractice or negligence claim against an alleged party, your lawyer must show or establish:

  • the existence of a doctor/facility-patient relationship
  • the provision of treatment or care that fell below accepted standards
  • the connection between the care provider’s alleged negligence, the patient, and the patient’s damages

When Does Medical Negligence Occur?

Understanding whether or not you have a legitimate medical malpractice claim means knowing when a medical error becomes negligence or malpractice. There is a fine line between each one, which is why it’s prudent to turn to a medical negligence lawyer Salt Lake City UT trusts. Although every case is completely unique and warrants its own investigation, the following are the most common examples of medical negligence:

  • Failure to diagnose a medical condition
  • Failure to treat a medical condition
  • Failure to refer a patient to a specialist
  • Failure to properly monitor a patient
  • Failure to perform a medical procedure with reasonable skill and care
  • Failure to advise the patient of any associated risks
  • Failing to provide adequate post-operative medical care

In addition to the above generalized examples of medical malpractice, negligence could happen in a broad range of specific care settings and may include:

  • Surgical errors
  • Anesthesiology mistakes
  • Medication errors

When Pregnancy Complications or Birth Trauma Lead to Injury

It’s critical to speak with an experienced Salt Lake City medical negligence lawyer if your infant was harmed in-utero or during the birthing process. You may be unsure of whether you have grounds for legal action, as physicians and other healthcare providers are unfortunately not always forthcoming when a mistake is made and infants are harmed as a result. Thankfully, the experienced Utah legal team at Rasmussen & Miner understands how to uncover the details of a patient’s care to more fully understand the circumstances that led to the harm in question. This process of clarifying what occurred is often one of the most significantly helpful things that happens during the personal injury process. Too often, parents are left wondering whether their child’s injuries could have been minimized or prevented altogether. Illuminating the truth allows families to process their circumstances in whatever ways are best for them.

Parents Can Take Legal Action When Their Infants Suffer Harm

Additionally, meeting with our legal team can help you understand whether you have grounds to hold your healthcare providers accountable for the harm that your child has suffered. If you do have grounds for legal action, your child and your family may be entitled to significant financial compensation that will, in part, allow you to cover the costs of your child’s medical care now and well into the future. Too often, families are unaware that they can pursue legal action and are left “holding the bill” for expenses that should be covered by those who caused their child’s harm. If you have grounds to file legal action, we will pursue your claim vigorously, efficiently, and with the utmost respect and consideration for your family.

Working with an Attorney on a Birth Injury Case

Exploring your legal options can seem like an overwhelming task when you’re a new parent and are learning to care for an infant who has suffered trauma. Please know that as soon as we have the information we need to advocate on your behalf, we’ll take over the legal “heavy lifting” so that you can focus on taking care of your family during this challenging time. Also, please remember that scheduling a consultation doesn’t obligate you to work with our firm moving forward, nor does it obligate you to file a legal claim. Our team believes that parents of infants who have suffered birth-related trauma deserve to explore their legal options in a no-cost, risk-free, confidential setting. Before you arrive, take a little time to write down any questions you may have. That way, we can be sure to address every single one of your concerns about your legal case and/or our approach to representation. Please don’t wait; call today. Investing a little time now may help to ensure that your child’s needs are met for as long as he or she requires care related to the birth trauma they have suffered. We look forward to speaking with you.

Scheduling a Free Consultation with Rasmussen & Miner

As there are may be time limits associated with filing a claim, it could be important that you take legal action as soon as possible. Our diligent, hard-working lawyers, are prepared to listen to your situation and provide you with the most comprehensive consultation pertaining to your claim. To schedule a free consultation with a medical negligence lawyer Salt Lake City UT residents respect, call (801) 363-8500.