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Medical Negligence Lawyer Salt Lake City UT

I was misdiagnosed, can I file a medical malpractice lawsuit?

Whenever a medical condition is misdiagnosed or undiagnosed altogether, the outcome can be devastating. Just imagine if you believed that you had one condition, such as bipolar disorder, and you were prescribed medicine for that condition; you may have even planned your life around that condition or began taking counseling for it, only to later learn (when nothing was working) that you actually have schizophrenia. This is just one example, but some misdiagnoses are far more severe. For example, you may have a broken tibia but a doctor may misdiagnose it as a minor or hairline fracture. Thus, the medical staff will not render aid that is sufficient. This may result in an exacerbated injury or worsened condition. In some cases, death can be the result. In addition to the physical losses, financial strain, loss of income, and emotional distress can accumulate. Just think about it, an improper diagnosis means that your body heals at a slower pace, which means you can’t return to work on time and that you can’t perform work tasks at the rate that you once did. Your work capacity may even be diminished long-term or permanently so that you can no longer work a certain, higher-paying position. In such a case, your earning capacity is significantly reduced and this is but one more, life-changing injury that you can seek compensation for. If life changing debilitation or death occurs, anger and confusion may be something that everyone involved is trying to cope with.

In other words, your family, not just you, will be affected by your doctor’s medical negligence. If you are married, your spouse may suffer a loss of consortium, which is everything that you picture when you think of a happily married, loving, affectionate couple. You’ll both lose out on things like date night and the simple couple activities like grocery shopping or cuddling in bed, possibly. If you aren’t married and your parents are taking care of you, you’ve now become a bigger financial strain on them, especially if they are retired or up in age. Seeing you in a weakened condition may take a toll on your parents. Having to take care of you physically, when your parents are up in age, may be more than their bodies can tolerate, but paying for a caregiver may be much too costly. If you have children, you may not be able to participate in outdoor activities with them anymore, conveniently attend their afterschool games, or even help them with homework. All of this amounts to pain and suffering and loss of enjoyment of life. None of this should be taken lightly either.

Regardless of what has happened, if you or someone you know was poorly diagnosed, it is recommended that you call a medical negligence lawyer for help. The medical negligence lawyers in Salt Lake City UT at Rasmussen and Miner are here for you. We have years of experience overseeing medical negligence cases, and we know what needs to be proven to ensure that you are fairly compensated. Although we cannot guarantee specific results, we can guarantee that we will fight compassionately and aggressively on your behalf.