3 Ways to Get Through a Construction Zone Safely

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Improvements in roads lead to safer driving conditions. However, the process for those improvements may involve changes in the flow of traffic and the overall condition of the road for a while. Road construction can be a hassle for commuters because of the delays it may cause by forcing drivers to divert to alternative routes or sit in endless lines of traffic. Aside from creating diversions, these areas of a road can also be the most dangerous for drivers. Construction zones may create hazards for drivers and workers alike. Reflect on these three tips to help you navigate through a construction zone safely.

  1. Stay Alert

When crews go out to work on a road, they may do so around the clock. To improve a road, crews typically have to tear it up, so they often close lanes. Those working on roads utilize barricades, flashing warning signs and traffic cones to help alert drivers to a change ahead. However, drivers must be paying attention to see these warning signs effectively. Therefore, keeping your eyes and mind on the road ahead is critical. Distractions inside the car, like cell phones and GPS instructions, may create a distraction, and you may miss the clues that there is construction ahead. Failure to pay attention in or near a road construction zone causes accidents involving other vehicles, construction equipment, and even the workers themselves.

  1. Slow Down

Construction zones appearing on highways may be inconvenient for many reasons, but especially for the change in speed limit. Often, the speed limit approaching and in a construction zone is substantially lower than usual. On a highway, this may mean going from 70 to 35 quickly. If you are not paying attention, you may plow into the vehicle ahead. The failure to slow down in a construction zone can also prove devastating. Cars that speed through these areas when people are out working may strike a worker and kill them.

  1. Find an Alternate Route

The safest way to deal with construction zones is by avoiding them if possible. It may seem inconvenient to route yourself around construction, but it may be safer than trying to make your way through it. While you may be cautious around roadwork, others may not be. Thus, you may find yourself a victim of an accident in these areas.

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