4 Public Places Nowhere Near as Safe As You Thought

There is no public place that is completely safe, but some places prove far more dangerous than others. These four public places are far more dangerous than they seem at a first glance, and can prove to be uniquely dangerous.

1. Clubs Are Dangerous, but Not for the Reason You Expect

It shouldn’t be a surprise that places that host large crowds of drunk people and loud music can potentially be dangerous. The real danger, however, comes from the people who run the club.

On a busy night the bar staff may have trouble keeping up. That could include cleaning spilled drinks which might result in a slippery floor. That in turn could lead to a patron getting seriously injured after slipping and falling. The club might be held liable for that person’s injury. The same rule applies for other common hazards like torn carpets, shaky stages, and other hazards if the club does not address them or provide warning. There are no shortages of potential club dangers, even without the club-goers.

2. Cruises Can Make You Sick, Even Without the Waves

Without motion sickness, most people do not see any inherent danger in cruise ships. The reality, though, is that cruise ships are hotbeds for bacteria and disease. An additional concern is when food onboard is contaminated and causes food poisoning. The most serious cases of food poisoning can be fatal. If you experienced serious sickness due to conditions on a cruise ship, contact a personal injury lawyer Phoenix AZ relies on immediately. It will be very important for your lawyer to access evidence for your case while it is still available.

3. Hospitals Can Cause Injuries as Much as Heal Them

Though someone may go into a hospital for one reason, while there they may be exposed to something more serious which causes their condition to worsen. Another risk is that a healthcare provider may make a medical mistake and cause them harm.

  • Studies have found that around 440,000 people die annually from completely avoidable hospital mistakes.
  • Medical mistakes can seriously injure or kill a patient.
  • Because hospitals house sick people, other patients may become infected with other patients’ illnesses.

4. School Buses

In terms of regulation, school buses receive little more regulation than common limousines. When a large group of people in a small space are moving in traffic, it’s dangerous. Despite the countless deaths and injuries that have resulted from school bus incidents, the industry is slow to show any signs of increasing regulations. If you have suffered a personal injury through no fault of your own while in a party bus, contact a personal injury lawyer who can review your case at no cost such as the school bus accident lawyer Des Moines IA locals trust.

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