Poll Reveals Distressing Rise in Distracted Driving


Car accidents are on the rise. The US Department of Transportation’s data shows that there were 6.3 million accidents in 2015. Distracted driving is one of the main causes of this increase.

According to a recent Harris poll, about 67 percent of Americans have used a cellphone while driving in the past year. Thirty-eight percent of the people who admitted to using their cellphone said they texted while driving, and 13 percent admitted that they almost went off the road because of it.

Cellphone use isn’t the only thing that has caused drivers to become distracted. Fifty-eight percent of people said they have eaten food while behind the wheel. Ten percent of drivers admitted to grooming while driving and 9 percent of drivers admitted to caring for their children while behind the wheel. Other reported distractions included using a laptop, changing clothes and drinking alcohol.

It seems like using electronics while driving will continue to be an issue on the roads. However, the tech field is doing its part to curb distracted driving. There is actually a new operating system for Apple devices coming out this fall called iOS 11. It has a feature that will detect when a person is driving and silence all notifications. It is even possible for users to program their Apple device to send an automatic text message to incoming messages that says they are driving.

There are also several smartphone apps that help people avoid distracted. SafeDrive, to name one, gives safe drivers the chance to earn points to use for discounts on services and products. LifeSaver is beneficial for parents with teen drivers because it locks the phone when a teen is driving and sends automatic messages when the teen has arrived to the destination.

Distracted driving isn’t something to take lightly. It has resulted in many serious injuries and fatalities over the years. If you suffered injuries because of a distracted driver, it may be in your best interest to speak to an experienced legal professional such as the personal injury attorney  locals trust. He or she can evaluate your case and help you bring a lawsuit against the other driver. If you win this lawsuit, you can recover many types of damages, like medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering. You deserve to be compensated for everything you have been through because of the accident.