Am I At Risk for an Injury or Illness While On Board a Cruise Ship?

Personal Injury Lawyer Salt Lake City, UT

When people spend thousands of dollars for a cruise ship vacation, perhaps the last thing on their mind is sustaining an injury while having a good time. However, there are unique risks associated with cruise ships. These companies often provide entertainment that was designed for land purposes only, and may be held liable if a guest gets hurt due to participating in these activities.

Things like zip lining, simulated surfing, roller coasters, and rock climbing were created with the concept of sturdy ground in mind. If a cruise ship were to not implement proper safety, a person engaging in such an activity may get seriously injured. In other scenarios, a guest may get sick due to food poisoning or exposure to toxic chemicals.

Here we have delved further into all the ways a cruise ship guest may get hurt, and what you can do to take action if that happens to you or a loved one:

Q: In what ways may a guest get hurt or sick while on a cruise ship?

A: Cruise ship vacations are an increasingly popular vacation choice for many people. But in the spirit of fun, many guests may become blind to the ways they can get seriously injured or ill while on the cruise ship. While the food, drinks, and activities can make for a fabulous trip away from home, they can also become hazards. Cruise guests may be at-risk for an injury or illness in the following ways:

  • Slip and fall due to wet surfaces, unstable stairs, or debri in walkway (without proper signage or warnings present)
  • Food poisoning
  • Swimming pool accidents
  • Illness due to chemical exposure aboard cruise ship
  • Accidents due to malfunctioning elevators and/or escalators
  • Recreational injuries due to an unsafe activity or product
  • Burns from cruise ship fires
  • Broken hand railings
  • Unsecured objects falling from overhead
  • Lack of safety procedures or maintenance
  • Bites and scarring from bed bugs

Q: How common are cruise ship injuries and illnesses?

A: Accidents while aboard a cruise ship are not as common as say car accidents, but they do occur frequently enough that guests may want to know what to do if they get injured or come down with an illness. Cruise ship companies may already have a team of insurance agents and lawyers to help protect them in the event of a lawsuit being filed by a guest. Those who have been harmed due to being on a cruise ship and believe the company is at-fault, may want to meet with a lawyer who is experienced in personal injury cases.

Q: How do I know whether my case is worth anything?

A: If you faced financial loss due to the injury or illness while on a cruise ship, then you may have the foundation for a lawsuit. After consulting with a personal injury lawyer Salt Lake City, UT trusts at Rasmussen & Miner, he or she can offer advice on how to proceed. The outcome of your lawsuit depends on how much proof you can gather to show the link between your accident and how the cruise ship company was responsible.