Are You Dealing with Workplace Harassment?

The term “harassment” refers to a list of mistreatment that can happen in the workplace. When it does occur, it’s important that people understand their rights in taking action so they are protected from further misconduct. If you believe you have been a victim of workplace harassment, then it’s never too soon to call a lawyer who is seasoned in this area of law for immediate assistance.

Harassment in the workplace is a very serious issue that should be dealt with promptly and with legal support. Being adversely treated in the space you work can bring added stress, anxiety, and trauma for the victim. It’s ideal to act swiftly and with intervention from a reputable lawyer. By law, an employer is not permitted to harass an employee for these traits:

  • Ancestry
  • Gender/sex
  • Pregnancy 
  • Sxual orientation
  • Gender expression/identity
  • National origin
  • Religious beliefs (or lack of)
  • Age (40+ years)
  • Mental or physical disability
  • Marital status
  • Genetic information
  • Medical condition

Mistreatment based on any of the characteristics listed above is against the law, regardless of the circumstances. It also doesn’t matter if the inflicter and victim are of the same gender, race, etc., as any form of harassment that includes the above criteria is unlawful.

Harassment may be physical, verbal, or visual. Verbal harassment are things like slurs or comments of a derogatory nature. Unwelcome touching, assault, and hindering of movement are categorized as physical harassment. Lastly, visual harassment can be posting or sharing of offensive draws, photographs, etc.

For advice about a recent workplace harassment incident, call a lawyer right away, such as an employment litigation lawyer from Eric Siegel Law.