Being Served with a Lawsuit After a DWI Arrest

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A DWI lawyer Salt Lake City, UT trusts knows that being served with a lawsuit can come as a huge shock for any person, especially a driver who thought the worst was already over with. A driver may have been arrested at the scene of an accident on suspicion of driving while under the influence. If the other driver suffered injuries or damages as a result of the collision, they may try to seek compensation through filing a civil lawsuit. However, just because someone was arrested for a DWI does not mean he or she caused the accident to happen. During this time, it can help to hire an DWI lawyer in Salt Lake City UT, so you can prepare yourself for the legal proceedings to follow.

Is it a good idea to let my insurance company know about the lawsuit?

A driver who has been served a lawsuit regarding a vehicle accident should notify their insurance company right away. It is important to keep your insurer updated on anything that unfolds after the accident. While your insurer may not like the idea of having to potentially pay for the other driver’s compensatory damages under your liability insurance policy, it is better that they know what to anticipate so there are no surprises. They may also have insight on how to help protect yourself during the lawsuit. Your insurance representative likely does have your best of interest at heart, but also wants to save their company from losing tons of money.

What if it wasn’t my fault as to why the accident happened?

It is entirely possible that the accident was not due to anything you had done wrong. It may seem as though you are guilty since you were arrested for a DWI, but this does not mean you are automatically at-fault. The other driver may have been speeding through a red light, changing lanes without looking properly, or broken another driving rule when the crash happened. In the stress of the moment, you may try to alleviate the situation by apologizing or even admitting fault while at the scene. Making statements like this could have a negative impact on your case, when perhaps you were not actually responsible for the wreck unfolding at all.

How can an Salt Lake City DWI attorney help me with my DWI charge and injury lawsuit?

Those who are dealing with very serious allegations may meet with an DWI lawyer in Salt Lake City UT about what to do next. Being faced with a DWI charge means that the driver may lose his or her license, have to pay steep fines, and have a mark on record for many years to come. An DWI lawyer in Salt Lake City UT that is familiar with defense cases can offer strategy, legal wisdom, and representation during your lawsuit. Trying to battle both a DWI charge and injury lawsuit may be too much for one person to bear alone. Many quality law firms offer free consultations for new clients, so you can explore your options before hiring the right DWI lawyer Salt Lake City, UT relies on at Rasmussen & Miner to take on your case.

Bring served with a lawsuit after a DWI arrest can feel like your “worst case scenario” just found a way to become even more complex, consequential, and unnerving. Thankfully, the experienced Utah legal team at Rasmussen & Miner practices both criminal defense law and personal injury law, so we can help you with both your civil case and your civil lawsuit.

Why Do I Need an Attorney if I’ve Been Served with a Civil Lawsuit?

After being served with a lawsuit following a DWI arrest, you may be tempted to focus all of your attention on defending against the criminal charges that have been brought against you. However, it’s important not to downplay the seriousness of the civil lawsuit you’re facing as well. Different standards of evidence and liability are employed in the civil justice system as compared to the criminal justice system. Therefore, you could potentially win your criminal case but be held liable in your civil case (or vice versa). Yes, a loss in criminal court will not be reflected on your criminal record. Nor will you serve prison time for a loss in civil court. However, if you lose your civil case, you could face compensation-related consequences that could potentially determine your financial future for years to come. You need to work with an experienced legal team in re: your civil case in order to better ensure that your interests remain protected and any potential consequences of your civil case are as mitigated as possible.

Legal Assistance Is Available

If you’re facing both criminal charges and a civil lawsuit following an alleged DWI incident, please connect with our firm as soon as you possibly can. You are going through a stressful time right now but you don’t have to navigate any of your legal challenges alone. Our experienced team can help to ensure that you have the strongest possible cases moving forward in both criminal and personal injury contexts. No attorney can make a guarantee about how any legal matter will turn out. However, our firm can assure you with confidence that we will approach you and your cases with respect, focus, and determination. We believe that every client deserves to be treated in the same ways we’d hope our loved ones would be treated, were they in our clients’ shoes. Please don’t hesitate, connect with our firm today. Even if you’ve spoken with a different firm following your arrest, that’s okay. We’ve successfully assisted clients after they have been served with a lawsuit following a DWI arrest and we’d be more than happy to assist you with your civil matter as well.