Child Injury at Elementary Schools

Personal Injury Lawyer

Recess is many children’s favorite activity during their school day. However, accidents on the playground are the reason for many injuries at elementary schools and preschools. It is important to speak with your children’s teachers to know the children are properly supervised while on the playground and to ensure the playground equipment is safe and well-maintained. If the playground is not safe or there is not proper supervision, injuries can take place. If your child has been injured on a playground due to negligence, it is recommended you speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer to learn what your next steps are.

Playground Injuries

Some common injuries children experience on the playground include:

  • Concussions from falling
  • Sprains or broken bones from falling
  • Bruises or scrapes
  • Splinters from equipment that’s not properly maintained
  • Swelling from hitting hard equipment
  • Pinched arms or fingers
  • Bloody noses
  • Friction burns

If your child has been injured in one of these ways or in a more severe way, the school nurse should have been contacted immediately. It is also important to have your child checked out by a doctor to ensure their injuries are properly cared for. If your child has been injured due to a playground accident, you should consider contacting a personal injury lawyer today.

Fault of Accidents

If a school has a playground, they have a certain level of duty of care for their students. This duty needs to prevent predictable accidents that could occur on the property. If they do not make proper arrangements to prevent accidents from occuring, the school could be held responsible for your child’s injury. In order to file a personal injury lawsuit, the following items will need to be trust:

  • The school was responsible for the playground and it is their duty to keep the playground safe.
  • It was known and allowed for the injured child to use the playground. This means the injury occurred to a student of the school who was using the playground during an allowed time.
  • The school was not supervising the playground or the children at an expected level
  • Your child was injured in some type of way that the school should have or could have predicted.
  • The school’s carelessness was a factor in the child’s injury.

If these items are true, the school has acted negligently and could be held responsible. It would be reasonable for your family to sue the school if they are acting negligently to receive compensation to help pay for your child’s injuries. Contact a personal injury lawyer Deer today to discuss the next steps.

Children Not Properly Supervised

Another common way a school could be held liable for your child’s injury on the playground is if they were not properly watching your child while on the playground. Teachers are required to act in the place of parents while the students are at school. This means that the teachers are responsible for your child’s safety while in their care. The school could be held responsible for your child’s injury if the following occurred:

  • The teachers agreed to be responsible for your child’s care.
  • The teacher did not properly or safely take care of your child.
  • Their lack of proper care caused the child to become injured.

If these things took place, the school could be responsible for your child’s injury.