Could a Defective Products Attorney Help You?

Everyone uses man-made products every day. At some point, you have probably used a product that has been defective. If you were injured or harmed by the product that incorrectly made, you may need a defective products attorney. You could be entitled to recover damages and out-of-pocket expenses you have paid or owe as a result of your injuries.

Three Categories of Defective Products: Failing to Adequately Label or Warn, Defective Manufacturing, or Defective Design

There are generally three categories to consider when determining who is at fault for injuries and damages related to a product. An experienced defective products attorney can help you sort through the legal details and give you options. As an overview, those categories include: failing to adequately label instructions or warnings, defective manufacturing, or defective design. Were the instructions unclear as to how to use the product? Were there any instructions on the product at all? Did you notice any warning labels? This may be a defect in labeling and/or warning.  A product that is defective by design would be a defect that is there in the product from the blueprint forward – before it’s sent out to the public or manufactured. It’s a fundamental, harmful flaw in the actual design of the product. Even if a product is designed well and is marketed correctly, the manufacturing of a product could be at fault. Maybe the manufacturer did not follow the design instructions exactly. Perhaps a manufacturer attempted to cut costs by replacing a piece of the item or eliminating the item altogether.

Product liability law generally protects someone who has been injured by a defective product in the above three categories. This is where a defective products attorney may come in handy to help you along with the process. A plaintiff could be entitled to receive compensation due to one of these issues by one or more parties involved in the process of putting the item on the market.

Proving Your Case

Proving who is at fault in a defective product, or product liability case, can be more complicated than proving just that you were injured because of an item. Just because the brakes go out on a car does not mean that they were defective. Having the product generally helps more than other evidence, but sometimes the evidence is destroyed and is unusable. Filing a lawsuit through a defective products attorney could help determine who is at fault in the defective product and protect other people who might fall victim to the same negligence. Defective Products attorneys can also preserve evidence that may be destroyed if you find an attorney quickly after an injury.

Unfortunately, not all products work the way they are intended to and this leads to severe and depilating injuries, and in some cases even death. Each case is different and each state has specific laws for defective products. Having a defective product attorney in your state who has knowledge regarding defective products and product liability could help in proving that a product was defective and determine who is at fault.

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