Do I really need an auto accident lawyer in Salt Lake City UT?

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Do I really need an auto accident lawyer in Salt Lake City UT?

Negligent drivers cause accidents that harm innocent people on the road every day, as an auto accident lawyer in Salt Lake City, Utah knows. It is always a tragedy when people are hurt after being involved in preventable accidents. If you have been injured because of a negligent driver, you can turn to an experienced lawyer to receive the help you need. They can help you pursue the driver who caused the accident that resulted in your injury. Contact a trusted lawyer to receive urgent legal advice and obtain the justice and compensation that you deserve. 

When do I need an auto accident lawyer? 

Anyone who has been seriously injured after an auto accident that was caused by someone else should talk to a lawyer. If you have a large amount of medical bills and significantly reduced income because of your injuries, talking to a lawyer can be a good start. They can help you explore every possible source of compensation so that your damages will be covered. 

Here are several ways a lawyer can help you if you have been injured in an auto accident:

  • Inform you of your legal rights. You may not be aware of the full scope of your legal rights and options. A lawyer can answer any questions you may have about your rights and ways you can protect them. 
  • Collect facts and evidence. Gathering all the facts, collecting evidence and reviewing documents can be time-consuming. A lawyer can take care of this work for you so that you can focus on your recovery.
  • Negotiate with insurance companies. Auto accidents lawyers trusted by Salt Lake City, UT residents are familiar with the tactics used by insurance companies. They have the necessary experience and persuasive skills to successfully negotiate with them.  
  • Review settlement offers. Lawyers will always tell you not to accept the first settlement offer that comes your way. Chances are that you are eligible for a much higher compensation amount, so you need a lawyer to evaluate any offers extended to you to ensure you accept the best possible one.

If you are dealing with certain unique circumstances, it may be especially helpful to have a lawyer by your side.  If the following scenarios apply to you, you may benefit from obtaining legal assistance from a lawyer:

  • You have partial fault in the accident 
  • The insurance company is arguing that you have fault
  • You need help calculating your complete list of damages

When should I talk to a lawyer? 

You should request a consultation with a lawyer right away if you have been hurt in an auto accident and would like to learn about your legal options.  There is limited time to file a personal injury claim against a negligent driver who caused your injury. You may not be sure if you want to move forward with filing a claim, but first talk to a lawyer about your options. Talk to an auto accident lawyer that the Salt Lake City, UT community relies on today, like one from Rasmussen & Miner.