Do You Have Grounds Upon Which to File a Medical Malpractice Claim?

It isn’t always easy to know whether a patient has suffered as a result of medical negligence. Most Americans are unaware of the standards of care that must be met—by law—in any given medical situation. Additionally, it simply isn’t always easy to know whether any particular kind of suffering could have been prevented had the standard of one’s care been improved. For example, if you recently suffered a great deal of time off of work and medical bills due to an infection you likely caught while hospitalized, could that infection have been prevented? It isn’t easy to know. And that is okay. Working with an experienced medical malpractice lawyer Salt Lake City, UT trusts will help you to clarify whether you have grounds for a strong cause of action against one or more medical providers. Generally speaking, you must have suffered physically as a direct result of a medical provider’s negligent, reckless, or intentionally harmful conduct in order to have grounds to file a cause of action against them. Also, generally speaking, you must have formally been a patient of the provider in question, as this relationship will allow you to meet the “duty of care” standard imposed upon all personal injury lawsuits. Again, it isn’t always easy to know whether you have cause to file a civil claim. Our Salt Lake City, UT medical malpractice lawyer can help to provide this clarity so that you can make informed decisions about your options.

Taking a Time-Sensitive Approach

It is important to connect with a Salt Lake City, UT medical malpractice lawyer at our firm as soon as you suspect that the harm that you have suffered may have been prevented if your medical provider(s) had exercised a proper standard of care. Why? The law only grants injury victims so much time to file a claim before they are barred from seeking otherwise rightful compensation. Additionally, it is important to act quickly so that the experienced Utah legal team at Rasmussen & Miner has enough time to investigate your circumstances properly before you are compelled to make a decision concerning whether or not to file a claim. Negative diagnostic and treatment outcomes are not always actionable. Allowing our team enough time to adequately discern whether filing a claim is worth your time and energy is important.

Is Filing a Claim Worth Your Time and Effort?

If you have strong grounds upon which to file a claim, chances are that filing that claim will be very much worth your time and effort. Why? Seeking any and all compensation to which you may be entitled will help to protect your family’s finances from the consequences of your mistreatment. Depending on the severity of the harm you have suffered, your compensation award could be substantial. Additionally, filing a claim will help to ensure that no one else is subjected to the same kind of substandard care that caused your harm.

Call Our Malpractice Law Firm for Help

If you have been a victim of a negligent doctor or other medical professional, call Rasmussen & Miner to schedule a free consultation with a compassionate Salt Lake City UT medical malpractice lawyer and find out what legal recourse you may have against those responsible for your injuries. We can help get you the financial compensation you deserve for your injuries, including medical expenses, loss of income, pain and suffering, permanent disability, and more.