Hit and Run: Not In Your Best Interest

Being the cause of a car accident can be intimidating. The stress can cause a driver to think irrationally and not consider the condition of the passengers or the car that was hit. The temptation to flee may seem appealing, however, it is the worst mistake that can be made. Fleeing the scene of a car accident is a crime and can result in serious consequences.

Perhaps you didn’t understand the legal ramifications for the fleeing the scene; after all, the stress can be blinding. Contact your attorney immediately if you experienced a car accident without exchanging information. Even if it appears there were no witnesses and you got away with it, there are cameras installed at many intersections which could have recorded your license plate. An experienced criminal defense attorney may able to explain your options and outline the necessary following steps.

It is suggested to niether contact your insurance provider nor police prior to communicating with an attorney. If you do choose to contact your provider before speaking with an attorney, you may unintentionally admit fault; which could submit yourself to significant legal trouble. It is advised that you allow your attorney to speak on your behalf. The lawyer may be able to discuss the situation while maintaining innocence.

The legal system can appear convoluted to those unfamiliar with law. Often times, there are a series of forms and documents that must be maneuvered; which can prove incredibly complex for those without a legal education or experience.  An experienced attorney will help develop a plausible defense on your behalf in order to protect your rights. They will be able to communicate with the police on your behalf. This is beneficial because the driver may misspeak and incriminate themselves unintentionally.

It’s not uncommon for criminal attorneys such as the lawyer to provide free consultations. Usually, the lawyers will offer these consultations as a means of determining whether or not the case is worth pursuing. It is in your best interest to take advantage of these opportunities. During the consultation, you will likely be asked questions pertaining to the incident. It’s vital to be transparent with your lawyer and answer all questions honestly so they may develop a credible defense. Provided you seek the advice of a professional attorney, you may be able to receive reduced charges. If you have been involved in a hit and run accident, contact a criminal defense lawyer immediately.