How To Get Help After Your Cruise Ship Injury

Personal Injury Lawyer Salt Lake City, UT

While cruise ships are meant to bring passengers peace, joy, adventure, and relaxation, the same is not true for every person on board the ship. Unfortunately for some, accidents can happen on cruise ships, whether it was caused by a person, activities on board, or activities on shore. If a cruise ship caused your or your loved one to return with mild or severe injuries, you are not alone, and you should know the next steps to take to receive the appropriate compensation for your injuries. It can also be extremely helpful after these types of injuries to get help from an attorney who has worked on cruise ship personal injury cases in the past and knows the different laws that may apply. For information on what you should do after your injury, read below.

Why Is This Personal Injury Different?

An injury sustained on a cruise is going to be much different than someone injuring you on land. This is because there can be complex maritime laws and you may be unsure of who is truly at fault for your injuries. Cruise lines are often very wealthy and likely have many possible defenses prepared for personal injuries cases, but an attorney who is familiar with maritime laws and knows the details of your case can prove to be one of your best resources.

How Do I Know Who Is At Fault?

This can also be tricky because after your injury you might not be sure who to file against for compensation. There are several ways someone can be injured on a cruise ship, including:

  • Participating in an onshore excursion.
  • A passenger on board assaulting you in some way.
  • Slipping, tripping, or falling in a bathroom or at a cruise ship’s restaurant.
  • Participating in an onboard activity, like a water slide or a pool, and
  • A cruise employee assaulting you in some way.

Depending on your circumstances, you and your attorney may be able to narrow down who is responsible for your injuries. For examples, cruise lines are responsible for ensuring their ships are safe to stay on and they are typically held responsible for their employee’s actions while on the job. Thus, if you slipped on a puddle at the restaurant and broke your arm, or if a cruise ship employee punched you over a disagreement, it may be possible to sue the cruise line. If a fellow passenger assaulted you in some way, you likely will need to take up your legal battle with them personally. Finally, if you were participating in an onshore excursion, like snorkeling, and an employee gave you broken equipment, thus resulting in your injury, then your attorney may encourage you to take action against the excursion company.

Ensuring You Get the Help You Need

Getting any type of personal injury can be stressful, but it can become complicated and even scary when that injury happens far away from home. When someone else’s negligence on a cruise ship causes your injuries, you need a personal injury lawyer Salt Lake City, UT offers at Rasmussen & Miner on your side. For more information on cruise ship personal injuries, get in contact with a lawyer.